The Aligned Podcast 

Featuring Black Orthodontics

Welcome back to the latest edition of the Brain Bytes Creative Podcast. This marks the beginning of a new segment: Aligned. In this series, Jason consults credible Orthodontists on their journey in the space. Today’s special guests are Dr. Keith Black and Heather Blalock of Black Orthodontics. The practice is based in Asheville, North Carolina.

The area, known for its scenery and population, is also home to a strong orthodontics industry. As Heather notes, “there’s a lot of competition!” The thriving space has proven to be a successful pursuit for Black Orthodontics. You can hear more about what makes them a standout amongst the crowd below. 

A Look Back

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The founder of the practice, Dr. Keith Black, is no novice when it comes to the field. He's provided quality services for over three decades. He cites the profession as the perfect opportunity for financial stability. This, without having to give up valued personal time. The flexibility has allowed him the space to be both successful and fulfilled.

Fast forward, and that flexibility has allowed him to be successful and fulfilled. Dr. Black is surrounded by a strong team full of trusted expertise. Everyone contributes to keeping all proceedings on track. His office also enjoys a loyal client base, and is the perfect model for what the space has to offer.

Orthodontics: Then Vs Now


Having been in the industry so many years, Dr. Black has seen trends come and go. He speaks highly of the now common technological advancements. He proclaims to "love and embrace technology. Whether it's efficiency of tooth movement," or accessible marketing, there's much value.


These aren't the only things affected. Enhancements to gear have been well documented in media. From bands to wire; wires to aligners; and more. The overall organization of the practice has positively changed as well. Virtual scheduling and correspondence has completely revolutionized protocols.

Marketing That Makes A Difference

Heather, who’s been with Dr. Black for over a decade, has seen things evolve too. She notes the increased volume of neighboring competitors. As a family practice, it’s been interesting sharing the field with some of the larger offices. She’s also quick to identify quality marketing as an invaluable resource in staying relevant.

She says solid marketing and virtual bookings have helped tremendously. It’s allowed them to avoid hectic scheduling, and keep business consistent. This also allows them to work conventional hours. This echoes Dr. Black’s sentiment of the field allowing participants their personal time.

Exposure That Travels

Many reputable voices in the space have nothing but good things to say about Black Orthodontics.

Early in the interview, Jason compliments the team on being well known in the community. Their marketing efforts have further propelled their reputation, equating to concrete leads. Above all, people are able to get the quality orthodontic services they deserve. Hear more about their operations, future goals, and more in the included links!

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