The Aligned Podcast 

Featuring Dr. John Warford

On today’s episode of The BBC Podcast, Jason is back with his Aligning With Orthodontists series. Today, he’s joined byy Dr. John Warford, of Warford Orthodontics. Dr. Warford has an extensive resume, having served several years in the profession. He operates in Bismarck, ND.

Dr. Warford is also a founder of The On Demand Orthodontists Podcast. He and his co-host and co-founder, Judd Johns, discuss their experiences on the platform. They also champion the advent of virtual practices. You can listen to our joint podcast with them here. Read on for a deep dive on Dr. Warford’s practice.

A Long History In Orthodontics

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Dr. Warford "has treated over 10,000 cases" across nearly two decades. "He's also a global thought leader with Spark Aligners." They are an affiliate of the popular supply company Ormco Orthodontics. As stated, his practice is in his hometown of Bismark. Dr. Warford follows in the footsteps of his father, who also serves in the field throughout.

The doctor recalls an old drawing and poem, both of which he wrote at 6 years of age. The image was "of a smile", and the prose proclaimed his desire to be an orthodontist. His dreams couldn't have come together any more perfectly!

What Dental Education Taught Dr. Warford

Learning From Experts

Dr. Warford spent a brief time pursuing the medical field. However, all of his mentors assured him that orthodontists have the dream job. "That's where it's at if you want to own your own business, and be the master of your own destiny."

Highly Competitive

He would take this advice, and immediately pursued the dental field. He'd soon learn, though, breaking into orthodontics wouldn't be so easy. He recounts, "I was very fortunate. There's only about a 1% chance" of making it into a residency.

Remote Aligner Therapy

Dr. Warford champions virtual orthodontics. He discusses how the approach has closed so many gaps. It allows him to deliver quality treatment plans without inconveniencing either party. All the client has to do is find a qualified provider nearby. From there, he can generate their treatment and follow along easily. His expertise can remain present with little conflict.

Quality Marketing

For Quality Orthodontics

You can hear more on Dr. Warford’s story and current happenings in the clip below. If you’re an orthodontist in need of effective marketing, give us a call! 

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