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Featuring Cosse & Silmon

It was exciting to meet Dr. Chris Cosse, of Cosse & Silmon, at the recent 360 summit. It’s no wonder that Jay immediately scheduled an interview with him on the podcast. Dr. Cosse is a subject matter expert to say the least. His understanding helps contribute to an awesome conversation captured on today’s show.

Dr. Cosse has a family history steeped in the profession. He takes after his father, “where the line begins. There’s nothing better than building a practice with your dad.” He found that many of his modern studies didn’t compare to his father’s experience. The pair managed to enjoy great success, with Chris learning a great deal along the way.

Orthodontists On The Family Tree

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At first glance, the longevity of orthodontics can spark intrigue. But in truth, a lot of the methods of old still hold merit to date. Dr. Cosse cites that many of his fathers "tried and true" methods still serve him well. That's not to say that there aren't any changes. There's of course a lot of new "products, materials... and techniques."

If anything, it goes to show how valuable it is to study the space's history from front to back. Regardless of preparation, though, there's no substitute for on the job training. That experience will teach you things that nothing else can.

Taking A Familiar Path

A Different Approach

Dr. Cosse has also found his stride in his recent practices. Cosse & Silmon currently has four successful locations spread throughout Louisiana. You may think Dr. Cosse always had aspirations for the industry based on how adept he is at it. But, it turns out this wasn't the case.


Chris was almost on an entirely different trajectory at one point. He thought he wanted to pursue a career as a physician. But that all changed after giving his father's profession some serious consideration. He started noticing how much freedom his father had while still establishing security. Before long, he was en route to becoming an orthodontist.

Switching Professions

It wasn’t only his father’s example that led him to this profession. In fact, it was advice from people already in his first career choice that sealed the deal. Doctor’s encouraged him to pursue dentistry. They noted it as a means of stable income minus the 24/7 time commitment.

“We’re working so many hours every night. We’re on call all the time. [In contrast] some dentists work less than 40 hours a week.” It didn’t take much more convincing to push Dr. Chris Cosse into action. Fast forward and it’s clear he made the right choice!

Big Changes In The Industry

The last decade

has seen a ton of changes in the field. This includes the areas you’d imagine, i.e., technology, equipment, and more. The biggest change though? In Dr. Cosse’s eyes, it’s been “the commoditization of orthodontics.” Whereas before doctors’ services were unique to the practice. Now, “it’s one size fits all. That’s simply not true.”

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