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Featuring The On Demand Orthodontist Podcast

Welcome to the latest episode of The Brain Bytes Creative Marketing Podcast! As always, we appreciate you listening to our thoughts! Today, we have a special collaboration prepared. We’re excited to announce our team up with the On Demand Orthodontists Podcast!

The On Demand Ortho creators Judd Johns and Dr. John Warford join us to discuss their show. The pair excitedly share its origins, as well as their plans for the future. You can find the podcast here. Be sure to head over to our SoundCloud as well. You can check out our extensive library of previous Brain Bytes Creative episodes. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the On Demand Orthodontist Podcast!

Advancing Orthodontics

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Dr. Warford, of Warford Orthodontics, begins by detailing his background in the field. He recalls immediately noticing a need that commonly plagues his colleagues. As a result, he "got real heavy into aligner therapy as an orthodontist."

Cut to a decade, as well as a wealth of experience later, this proved to be an adept choice. Liners are the primary option for his client base. He notes many clients driving an hour plus to receive these services. Rather than rest on these inconveniences, he's decided to do something about it.

The Power Of Remote Technology

The good doctor explains how the power of technology has aided in their efforts. Before, some were forced to drive great lengths to receive reasonable care. Now, he can offer virtual liner therapy regimens. In most cases, this has eliminated in-contact treatment. Patients can simply take their orders to a closer, credentialed provider to facilitate.

The Origins of On Demand Orthos

Dr. Warford notes this is a potential gold mine of a resource. Many orthodontists face these geographical issues. This not only helps the patient, but is also a viable solution for providers in this predicament. He recommended the method to an old partner who’d relocated “over 150 miles away”. They were able to collaborate effortlessly.

It was through this initiative that he met Judd. Judd was coming off of over a decade of experience with OrmCo. You can hear his journey in detail above. The pair have since grown together as collaborators in the industry. Through this “disruptive model”, they’ve found an approach that benefits all parties. Orthodontists can now develop strong bonds with patients despite the restrictions of distance.

A New Way In A New World

Many reputable voices in the space have nothing but good things to say about Black Orthodontics.

It wasn’t too long ago that the world was at a standstill. We were up against a threat unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Thankfully, it appears things are coming back to some semblance of normalcy. Still, the future of many industries are uncertain as some functions have yet to return to 100%.

This new approach is one of the strongest in keeping the field thriving. It allows orthos to adapt to a climate that limits in-person contact. Also, it allows them to extend their reach well beyond the limits of a centralized location. Staying ahead of the curve is yet another in a long list of pros when it comes to orthodontics.

Marketing for Orthodontists.

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