What is Landing Page Optimization (LPO)?

Landing Page Optimization is a service within Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) that focuses on improving your website’s conversion rate by aligning your landing pages with user expectations and improving page elements through AB testing.

Why should you invest in Landing Page Optimization?

Landing pages are the first page your visitor lands on your site after clicking an ad or a hyperlink. Organizations often use their website’s homepage or a general subpage as a landing page -- but for the maximum ROI, landing pages should be designed and tested specifically to drive sales or generate leads. Because landing pages are conversion-focused, they should be optimized through Landing Page Optimization according to your the specific expectations and user journeys of traffic on your website.

Our Landing Page Optimization Services

No matter which industry you’re in, we can help you create landing pages that convert and maximize your ROI. Take a look at all the Landing Pages Optimization services we offer.

Landing Page Audit

Not sure where to start? Our landing page audit includes a one-time deep analysis of your current traffic, campaigns and landing pages. Our audit aims to spot areas for improvement and give you a jumping-off point for elements to test.

User Journey Analysis

Optimizing a landing page requires understanding who your users are and where they’re coming from, so you can align the page they’re landing on with what they’re expecting to find. We consider user flow, bounce rates, session duration, frustration indicators and qualitative data to understand your users and their context.


Split URL Testing

Split URL Testing allows us to test one landing page against another, by sending half of your traffic to each and monitoring to see which performs better. We use split URL testing to test big changes, like whether a short-form or long-form landing page engages your site’s users better.

AB and ABn Testing

AB testing allows us to find the best-performing combination of design and content -- including copy, imagery, typography, colors, page length, button style, button copy, and navigation style. We deeply analyze engagement data and create hypotheses and isolate one or several variables to test. Winning variations tell us which types of landing pages perform better on your specific site. Learn about our testing services.

The Brain Bytes approach to Landing Page Optimization

The Brain Bytes Creative approach to CRO is data-driven and iterative, to ensure your site is constantly optimized.

Here’s what you can expect when working with the CRO experts at Brain Bytes Creative:


From initial analysis to analyzing results, every decision we make is driven by data. Our data-focused approach ensures our recommendations are fact-based and catered to your specific website audience. A data-driven approach is especially important for landing page optimization, because the best strategy will vary based on your site’s users.

Test Large-scale And Small-scale Changes

We use a mix of AB testing and Split URL testing to test both large-scale and small-scale changes. We use AB and ABn style tests to isolate variables like button style, color, and CTA copy; and Split URL tests to compare landing pages and test larger changes.

Iterative Cycles

We employ an iterative process, working in cycles of analyzing engagement data, running tests, and analyzing test results to optimize your landing pages continually over time. This iterative process will ensure that your landing pages are always optimized to drive sales and capture leads.

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