What Is CRO?

CRO is the art and science of optimizing your site to encourage users to take a desired action, whether that’s contacting your sales team as a new lead, buying your product, or otherwise engaging your company for a service. We believe the most effective CRO services exist as a marriage between analytical reasoning, objective experimentation, and compelling creative.

Why Do You Need a CRO Agency?

By leveraging a CRO agency, you receive full access to qualified data scientists, UI/UX experts, designers, and copywriters, all working to maximize the ROI on your site. In today’s fast-paced, evolving business climate, it’s difficult to remain competitive if you are not optimizing your site to its fullest. Converting your current site traffic into leads and sales is also more cost effective than driving a large amount of new traffic to an unoptimized site, where only a small percentage of users will convert.

Our CRO Services

We don’t blindly follow “hunches” or apply generic best practices to your site. We conduct rigorous, data-driven analyses and tests that focus on your specific context and goals.

Funnel and User Flow Optimization

We dive into your site analytics and review session replays and heatmaps to identify which funnels are supporting desired user activity (and which are not), using those insights to create a seamless user flow that eliminates roadblocks and drop offs while encouraging conversions.

Heat Mapping

Our experts work with real-time, interactive mapping tools to gain an in-depth view of where your users are clicking, scrolling, and interacting with your site. Once we understand how users are behaving, we can confidently focus on the areas of your site that would benefit the most from optimization, such as replacing ineffective content or placing a greater emphasis on effective CTAs.

Session Replays

Session replays, or recordings of an individual user’s journey through your site, can be a powerful tool for conducting user research, discovering insights, determining opportunities, and building further experiments. By observing users in their natural flow, we can remove any biases that come with formal testing or interviewing. We also have the ability to target specific segments of your user base, such as those interacting with menus, search bars, or checkout processes, so the most important site interactions receive prioritized attention.

AB Testing

While our experts lean on advanced tools to develop insights and hypotheses, those won’t mean much until they are backed by hard data derived from thorough testing. We use previous insights to create the variations of content, imagery, and color that seem most likely to optimize conversion rates, and then we conduct meticulous tests to prove which variation will best serve your users (and your bottom line).

Form Analytics and Optimization

As a direct pipeline between your business and new prospects, it’s vital to ensure each form on your site is easily processed by users. Our experts measure key metrics, including correction rate, time spent on the form, abandonment rate, and others to identify where your forms may be impeding conversions. Then we test a variety of actionable changes to find the form setup that works best for your audience.


With comprehensive reporting, you will always understand what our strategy is, the reasoning behind it, and how it is benefitting your ROI. Goals are clearly defined by key performance indicators, such as form submissions, percentage increases in ecommerce sales, or other specific metrics that tie directly into your overall business objectives.

The Brain Bytes Approach to Effective CRO Services

We approach each new engagement with an inquisitive attitude, learning about your specific audience and goals in order to craft a well-rounded strategy for success. Here’s what you can expect when working with the CRO experts at Brain Bytes Creative:

We Work Collaboratively for Shared Success

Every step of our strategic approach is marked by collaboration. First, we work closely with clients to uncover the ins-and-outs of their target audience and develop a comprehensive plan together. Then our hands-on account management and crystal clear reporting help clients stay in the loop throughout an engagement. Internally, a collaborative approach means clients benefit from our status as a full-service agency, where varying disciplines such as data science, design, UI/UX, development, and content work toward shared goals in a seamless manner.

We Deliver Data-Driven, Scientific Analysis

Gone are the days of patchy guesswork, amateur psychology, or throw-everything-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks planning. We start with the identification and analysis of key issues and objectives, build an educated hypothesis and the means for testing it, then conduct an objective test to support our final recommendations. From start to finish, clients will understand not only what we plan to optimize but the research and analysis that supports our decision.

We Are Always Looking Ahead

As the web continues to evolve, we believe it’s imperative to keep pace by constantly evaluating new trends, best practices, and advances in marketing technology. Today, we have more power than ever before to accurately track, analyze, and understand customer tastes and behaviors. We take education and self-improvement seriously, so we can apply the most effective strategies to your unique audience.

We Drive Measurable Conversion Results

Our disciplined, data-driven approach means it’s easy to prove results. Click here to download a CRO case study and learn more about how we successfully improved form performance for an orthopaedic practice in the Southeast.



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