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We help clients conceive, create, and distribute compelling stories that spread brand awareness, drive search traffic, and engage users at every point of the sales funnel.

Is your content not connecting with your users?

What is content

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Content marketing is a fusion of data-driven analysis and creative storytelling.

Good content is strategically crafted to achieve unique goals based on specific audiences.

Our Atlanta-based content experts carefully study site metrics to understand your user base, identify what they know (and need to know) about your business, and determine what new content will encourage them to take that next step toward conversion.

Then we develop this targeted content across a variety of mediums and channels in order to resonate with users throughout your sales funnel and boost your ROI.

Why do you
need a

A good content strategy can help address immediate brand messaging concerns, short-term business objectives, or other quick wins.

A great one also helps boost your site in search rankings and build domain authority, establishes industry expertise, and does the heavy lifting when it comes to guiding users through the funnel and converting them to customers.

To effectively reach your target audience, content creation requires careful consideration across all phases of planning, design, implementation, distribution, and measurement.

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Our content marketing services

We’ve helped clients in many different industries exceed their branding and search goals with content spanning a wide range of formats and delivery methods.

Website copywriting

Our experts work closely with your team to craft website content that reflects your brand, sparking the attention of prospects and search engines alike.

Website copyediting

Need your existing website copy to work harder? We explore ways to improve your copy so it better adheres to search and content marketing best practices.

Content creation

We generate a steady rollout of relevant, search engine optimized content that keeps you top of mind and top of search results.

Billboard copywriting

Traditional ads still play an important role in a larger, comprehensive content strategy, especially for clients looking to increase brand recognition and awareness.

Blog copywriting

Maintain thought leadership status (plus your brand rep and keyword rankings) with optimized blog content that aligns with what your target consumers are looking for.

Content marketing strategy

We use industry and keyword research to identify varied content opportunities throughout the funnel, and develop content roadmaps and guided page assignments.

SEO copywriting

Leveraging industry research, keyword analysis, stakeholder interviews, and website analytics, we craft powerful content that solves user needs and capitalizes SEO opportunities.

Sponsored content creation

Bolster your brand and extend your reach with sponsored content that connects your content to trusted thought leaders and publications.

Advertising copywriting

Digital banners, trade show collateral, billboards and more. Our expert copywriters help you say more with less.

White paper copywriting

Our experts dive into your white paper resources, your sales process, your audience, and your holistic business goals. We use this foundation to strategically position your white paper and convert highly qualified leads.

Case study copywriting

The greatest spokesperson is a satisfied customer. We bring your success stories to life with compelling case studies that highlight your company’s unique strengths.

E-book copywriting

Through extensive research and collaboration with your team, we get to the heart of your product or service with e-books to distinguish you as an educational leader, while advancing prospects further into your sales funnel.

The Brain Bytes approach to effective content marketing

We approach each new engagement with an inquisitive attitude, learning about your specific audience and goals in order to craft a well-rounded strategy for success.

Data drives our content insights.

Our approach to website content is not based on what worked for other sites, generic best practices, or pop psychology.

Instead, we focus on the hard numbers of your unique situation and leverage analytics to understand your users, identify what they may know and what they need to know, and compose meaningful content to that end.

We are a full-service content resource.

It can be tempting to consider quality content production as an “Oh, I can do that” project.

We’ve all written emails, social media posts, or reports for school and work. But the truth is unwavering: Successful content requires a synthesis of many different types of expertise.

That’s why we often end up helping clients who have bitten off a bit more than they can chew.

Our experts collaborate closely to make sure each singular piece of content is delivering on search goals, is designed to relay information in the most visual, compelling way possible, and is easily read, watched and absorbed by your audience.

Our success is based on your results.

At the outset of any content engagement, we work closely with you to gain full alignment on your objectives and goals.

This process allows us to target the KPIs and metrics that matter most to your business.

With regular measurement powered by sophisticated tracking, we can ensure our content efforts are working for you, or quickly pivot and adjust as needed.

We offer flexible content engagements.

While we pride ourselves on being able to offer the full run of content services, we also recognize the need for flexibility and sophisticated collaboration.

If you already have SEO resources or designers, then we are more than comfortable fitting in our writers as a seamless extension of your existing team.

Our services are also available through quarterly retainers as well as on a project-by-project basis.

See how our content sells.

Our disciplined, data-driven approach to content means it’s easy to prove results.

Learn how we leveraged content to successfully elevate search performance for an Atlanta-based construction company with a national footprint.

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