CRO A/B Testing Services

Want to boost your website’s ROI? Whether you’re looking to convert your visitors into ecommerce customers or B2B leads, a/b testing for conversion rate optimization will help you increase the percentage of users on your site who convert.

What is A/B testing?

A/B and A/B/n testing for conversion optimization is a methodology that leads to data-backed decisions.

We deep dive into website analytics, looking at engagement data like user flow, landing pages, referrals, mobile traffic, click data and heatmap data.

Next, we create hypotheses and isolate one or several variables to test. A/B testing allows us to find the best-performing combination of design and content — including copy, imagery, typography, colors, page length, button style, button copy, and navigation style to name a few.

By implementing winning results over time, we make sure your website is bringing in and retaining as much business as possible.

Why do you need A/B testing?

Anyone can think of things to test. From the color of a button, the copy on a page, the imagery or colors you use, there are a lot of variables.

But how do you know where to start? What to test?

A dedicated CRO team can help you discover the right things to test so you don’t waste time spinning your wheels. Our analysis uncovers areas for high impact testing. We work in cycles, iterating on previous tests to make sure your website is continually optimized.

Our A/B and A/B/n testing services

Our approach to AB testing includes analysis, A/B, A/B/n and split URL testing, as well as reporting and test iteration to make sure your site is always optimized to bring in conversions.

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When it comes to conversion optimization at Brain Bytes Creative, everything begins and ends with data.

We always begin by thoroughly analyzing qualitative and quantitative data — including user flow, landing pages, referrals, mobile traffic, click data, heatmap data, survey responses, customer service tickets and focus group data.

For our retainer clients, analysis is an ongoing process. We also offer a one-time CRO Analysis option.

A/B and A/B/n testing

Our A/B and A/B/n testing services don’t stop with designing and running tests on your website.

We analyze results and provide insights every step of the way, along with recommendations around when to implement changes and when to iterate on tests.

We’re here to help you make the most sound decisions when it comes to optimization strategy.

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Image of Split URL testing. One is pink with 24% conversion, the other is blue with 68% conversion.

Split URL testing

We recommend split URL testing when considering large-scale changes to a website, such as a complete redesign or a change that includes backend development.

Split URL testing is also a helpful way to determine which landing page will bring in the most conversions.

Most clients benefit from a mix of AB/ABn and split URL testing.

Reporting and test iteration

The most important part of a test is what we learn from it, because what we learn influences the decisions we make.

Therefore, it’s vital to work with a CRO team who focuses on understanding results.

At Brain Bytes Creative, we dedicate time to fully analyzing the results of a test, and make recommendations around when to implement changes and when to iterate on a test for further optimization.

A reporting window. Text says that there are 105 active campaigns, and a $9,105 monthly budget.

BBC’s approach to A/B testing services

The Brain Bytes Creative approach to AB testing for CRO is data-driven and iterative, to ensure your site is constantly optimized.

Here’s what you can expect when working with the CRO experts at Brain Bytes Creative:


We’re driven by data.

From initial analysis to analyzing results, every decision we make is driven by data.

Our data-focused approach ensures our recommendations are fact-based and catered to your specific website audience.

We test all changes, large and small.

We use a mix of A/B testing and split URL testing to test both large-scale and small-scale changes.

We use A/B and A/B/n style tests to isolate variables like button style, color, and CTA copy. We use split URL tests to compare landing pages and test larger changes.

We use iterative cycles.

We employ an iterative process.

We work in cycles of analyzing engagement data, running tests, and analyzing test results to optimize your site continually over time.

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