Digital marketing analytics

So, you need data about your digital marketing performance. Or, well, you’ve got some, but you’re not sure you can trust it. Or, maybe it seems accurate, but you don’t exactly know how to analyze it.

We get it. You’ve come to the right place.

What is a digital marketing analytics agency?

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Marketing analytics is the practice of planning, collecting, and interpreting data from your various digital marketing channels.

As a digital marketing agency, our core services include organic search, paid search, paid social advertising, content marketing and more.
These channels — and your company’s investment in them — can work harder for you when your digital marketing data is accurate, scalable, well-maintained, and easy to understand.
Expertly managed digital marketing data = No more marketing investments down the drain.

Do you need a marketing analytics agency?

Maybe! Brain Bytes offers a variety of digital analytics consulting and services to help a wide range of organizations, like:

  • Small businesses, with tiny (or non-existent) marketing departments. A high-performing website could be a total game-changer for you. But you’ve got (way, way) more than enough on your plate already.
  • Medium-sized companies. Congratulations! You’ve inherited a mess. Accounts, properties, views, snippets, tags, goals, events, and to top it all off: A complete lack of documentation from your last agency.
  • Large organizations. You’ve got the data and the tools, but you’re lacking confidence, efficiency, scalability. You’ve got a ton of moving parts and people, and yet somehow you’re still stuck spinning your wheels.
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Whoever you are: Got a website? Using digital channels? You need accurate, well-maintained digital analytics.

You could absolutely learn how to do it all yourself! Or, you could hire a team of marketing analytics experts to help you get there with a bit less blood, sweat, tears, etc.

Our digital marketing analytics services

Brain Bytes offers a wide range of digital analytics products and services.

Web analytics audits

We typically begin with a thorough audit of your existing digital analytics setup. This often covers Google Analytics audits, Google Tag Manager audits, and Google Ads (Adwords) audits, but easily extends to whatever your unique marketing tech stack includes!

Tracking plans

Using insights from our analytics audit report and interviews with your team, we’ll help you develop an analytics measurement plan that guarantees your marketing and website data will be accurate, scalable, and (wait for it…) actually useful.

Analytics implementation

Here, we execute on our tracking plan. This often starts with a Google Analytics implementation and a Google Tag Manager implementation, but can also include details like Google Ads, social channels, organic keyword rank tracking, CRMs, and more.

Reporting, analysis and visualization

This is where the magic happens. And by “magic,” we mean “science.” We’ll create a custom dashboard for you using Google Data Studio. And we’ll provide easy-to-understand, bullshit-free insights about what’s working, what’s not, and what to do next.

Web analytics

Promotional efforts (and spend!) easily go to waste if your website sucks. We’ll assess user behavior and site performance metrics, and employ approaches like heat mapping and A/B testing to help you better engage and convert your web traffic.

Google Analytics consulting

Our team of certified Google Analytics experts can help you with all your GA needs, like Google Analytics audits, account structure strategy, property and view configuration, event and goal setups, custom report building, and more.

Google Tag Manager consulting

We take a uniquely organized, scalable, user-friendly approach to Google Tag Manager audits, configuration, and maintenance. The right GTM setup empowers effective tracking efforts and reduces the need for manual code solutions.

The Brain Bytes approach to marketing analytics


We’re transparent as fuck.
No fluffy metrics, no skirting around the red arrows. Full, consistent access to your data.
And insights written in plain English, so that anyone from your intern to your CEO can put them to good use.

For you, with you.

You cannot build great marketing analytics in a silo.
BBC is a highly collaborative, flexible, and friendly team of experts.
We tailor our approach to fit your specific needs, from the setup to the drilldown.


We’re not like the other girls.
While some marketers are still out here tracking and reporting like it’s 2009, our approach revolves around constantly optimizing, learning, and growing.
Scalability and future-proofing are always top of mind.

We drive measurable conversion

Our disciplined, data-driven approach means it’s easy to prove

Learn more about how we successfully improved form
performance for an orthopaedic practice in the Southeast.

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