Managed Marketing Services

Leave the hard work to us, so you can focus on the rest of your business.

What are managed marketing services?

We provide you and your company with everything you need to create, implement, execute, and maintain a successful marketing plan.

Through BBC’s managed marketing services, we give clients access to our entire marketing staff for every service you engage with us.
We help you expand your organization’s throughput, while managing risk and providing business continuity.
Using a managed service model, we partner with companies to build the perfect team and services to fit your unique business needs. Then we manage all (or sometimes parts) of the outsourced team and deliver real results — communicated clearly through scientific, transparent reporting.

The benefits of managed marketing

Reduce marketing costs

We help centralize and standardize digital marketing activities for greater cost efficiency. Our clients have realized cost savings of up to 35%.

Gain greater transparency

By integrating into current IT operations, we can capture and monitor your customer experience and make recommendations for improved engagement and results.

Improve marketing results

By engaging our services, clients have improved their response rates dramatically, reduced campaign turnaround times, and increased average revenue per customer.

Why do you need managed marketing services?

We enable companies to stay lean, while receiving incredible value and positive results.

You deserve a marketing team incentivized to win.

We leverage a full-time staff and strategic partners to lift the burden of running a successful marketing department from our clients.
Plus, because we are a paid vendor partner, we need to earn your business year over year.
This guarantees our team is incentivized to show an ROI — unlike some internal departments, who are sometimes less likely to show results.
The main difference is… We never get comfortable. So you always win.
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Marketing shouldn’t weigh your business down.

Managed marketing is a more cost-effective and efficient approach to running a marketing department.
It takes the combination of talent and technology to create, execute, and manage the numerous elements of a marketing plan.
For many clients, we handle all aspects of their marketing, reporting directly to the CMO or CEO.

BBC’s managed marketing services

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Marketing should fuel you, not drain you.

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