Marketing For Medical Practices

Ready to increase your patient revenue? Our medical marketing experts want to help you increase your digital presence with conversion-focused campaigns. 

Learn more about our no-bullshit approach to marketing for medical practices now! 

Use medical marketing to start growing your practice

At Brain Bytes, we specialize in creating one-of-a-kind medical marketing campaigns that attract patients, grow practices, and increase their ranking.

We've helped clients — of all sizes — achieve new levels of success. Our conversion-focused methods increase patient acquisitions by positioning you as a thought leader in your field.

Here's how we approach digital marketing for medical practices:

SEO for Medical Marketing

Our SEO specialists help you reinvent your website with meaningful, high-intent keywords that improve your organic SERP rankings. 

Paid Search for Medical Marketing

We build non-branded search campaigns designed to educate and empower prospective patients. This strategy helps establish trust between your practice and patients.

Social Media for Medical Marketing

Social media is one of the most important channels for any medical practice. Engagement on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter helps expand your reach. 

Design for Medical Marketing

A beautiful and functional webpage is your handshake. You need it to be the best representation of you. Our spectacular web pages work across mobile, tablet, desktop, and laptop platforms. 

Content Writing for Medical Marketing

Our content writers want to help you tell your story. Engaging content keeps your user’s attention and establishes your practice as a trustworthy source. 

Why working with our medical marketing agency makes sense

To grow your practice with medical marketing, you need a partner who is with you every step of the way. Scaling your practice takes effort, and you can’t afford to have an unreliable medical marketing agency on your side.

At Brain Bytes, we believe that great partnerships are born out of trust. We pride ourselves on keeping a completely open dialogue with clients. We don’t hide behind numbers or data dumps.  We are low-ego professionals who maintain a completely transparent relationship with our clients. 

Here’s how we approach marketing for medical practices:

Cancel Anytime

We’re not in the business of trapping clients in long-term contracts. We believe in our work, and we’re happy to cancel your contract at any time. 

Geographic Exclusivity

We have an exclusivity clause, so you won’t have to worry about competing interests when going against your competitors. We only serve one practice in a given area or city.

Clear Roadmap

From day one, we hit the ground running with a plan to help you engage, attract, and convert prospective patients.

Non-Brand Conversions

We expand your reach by focusing on non-brand conversions that prioritize people looking for generic terms like “doctor near me” rather than your practice name. 

Real-Time Reporting

We create a dashboard that is calibrated to your goals. Having real-time stats and ​​up-to-the-minute data lets you know exactly how your marketing is performing at any given time.

Day-One Expertise

We’ve improved the digital efforts for countless medical practices around the country. We will be able to hit the ground running on your campaign. 

Hyper Competitive

We are dedicated to your success — we play to win because our wins are tied to your wins. If you got skin in the game, you stay in the game . . .


Customer Service

Our account managers are always available to help you! We are only an email or phone call away when you need to get in touch with us. 

Total Transparency

In the long run, it doesn’t make sense to hide anything from our clients. We have a policy of keeping it 100 with all of our clients. 

Marketing for doctors’ offices brings a big ROI, we can prove it!

Resurgens Orthopaedics
Resurgens Orthopaedics approached us to create an integrated, multi-channel campaign that would break boundaries and lead to new patient appointments.

We are confident in our ability to deliver results, no matter the size of your practice. Our clients love our no-bullshit approach to medical marketing

Russ Sauvé


“I really appreciate the onus BBC takes in optimizing our relationship. I’ve never met an agency that actually wants to know what they’re doing wrong.

Jessica Childress

Black Orthodontics

“BBC is the first group I’ve worked with that does not require me to manage them. Their research is impeccable. They work with us every month to pivot as our goals change. They’ve been patient and provided data to back up what is working.”

Overall, my website came out great and I would recommend using BBC to any person looking for a high quality website packed with SEO.”

Suzanne Wilson


“I can’t say enough about how fantastic it is to work with this high performing team on building a website. The quality of work is exceptional and they make the feedback process easy and efficient.

For us, speed to market was critical and I’m happy to say we accomplished our deadline and didn’t compromise on creative.”

Some of our medical marketing specialties

Digital marketing for medical practices is a lot of work, let us help!

We want to help you boost your medical marketing!

Attracting new patients and growing your practice requires hiring an agency that’s willing to put in the leg work for you. We’ll talk to you about your goals during your free digital marketing assessment and create a plan to meet your benchmarks. 

Your free digital marketing assessment also includes an analysis. We’ll look at how your practice ranks in your geographic area and include some relevant keywords for you. You get to keep a copy of our findings for your records. 

There’s never been a better time to invest in medical digital marketing. Get your free assessment now!