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90% of all orthodontic web searches end on page one of Google. 70% of those searches end on the top four, non-paid results. Where does your practice appear?

Tired of being underserved by the usual suspects?

Boost your online presence and drive new patient starts with our team of trusted experts.

Who We Are

Brain Bytes Creative is a fast-growing collective of marketers in Atlanta who know how to drive measurable results in your highly competitive industry.

With orthodontic clients across the country, our domain expertise is vast, and we love helping new clients realize there’s a better way than the “business as usual” offered by our competition.

What We Do

We’re obsessed with turning websites and online advertising efforts into conversion-generating machines.

At Brain Bytes, we work closely with clients to determine their needs and then apply our proven methods, including SEO and paid advertising, to find the right patients and provide the growth you need to succeed. 

Why We Kick Ass!

As a hyper-competitive team of no-BS, results-driven marketers, we only take credit for non-branded leads (no taking credit for your hard-earned referrals).

We’ll never bring on another client in your geographic region, and we believe in our methods so much that you can cancel anytime if you’re not satisfied. 


Find the right digital marketing
services for your practice.

Our work centers around two primary disciplines: SEO and paid advertising through Google Ads or social media. 

After working with you to evaluate your needs, we’ll recommend the strategies that we believe will work best.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our SEO experts will help you send the right signals to the almighty Google. Essentially, we want Google to understand that your practice is the best place for potential patients in your geographic area. That way, non-branded searches such as “ortho near me” or “ortho + city” send users to your site. 

At Brain Bytes, we treat SEO as a highly collaborative, multidisciplinary practice that brings together our experts in SEO strategy, content writing, and web design and development. Here’s a quick breakdown of what each brings to the table:

Paid Advertising

Our “desi-dev” team makes sure that all this thoughtful research and content is translated into beautiful web pages that look great to users and to Google. We’ll also help ensure that your site is humming from a technical perspective, so Google views you as a trusted resource and sends the right prospects your way.

From attention-grabbing ads and conversion-focused landing pages to detailed analyses and reports, you’ll always understand our messaging, strategy, and exactly how your money is being spent. And because we only take on one client in a particular geographic area, we can apply the lessons learned in one city to our clients across the country, so everyone in our network benefits from a shared understanding.


Our exclusivity promise:

We will not take on another orthodontic practice, in your practice’s service areas.

As we continue to win business for more orthodontists, the word is getting out …and because of our exclusivity promise, sometimes there is a wait. If you are interested in our services, get on our Future Partners list now, and let’s get the conversation started.

Branded Organic SEO Traffic Increase YOY


SEO Strategy

Our SEO strategists help determine the real-world search terms that people in your city are using to find orthodontic care. They’ll conduct keyword research, craft an ideal site architecture, fix technical issues that may be preventing results, and help guide our content team to deliver the most effective messaging possible.


Prospective patients want to know that they will be in good hands and working with a conscientious, family-friendly, and highly competent orthodontist. Through stakeholder interviews, client-specific style guides, and a deep pool of industry knowledge, our wordsmiths will deliver conversational, well-written copy that connects.

Design & Development

Our “desi-dev” team makes sure that all this thoughtful research and content is translated into beautiful web pages that look great to users and to Google. We’ll also help ensure that your site is humming from a technical perspective, so Google views you as a trusted resource and sends the right prospects your way.

Clients also receive a Monthly KPI Tracker that updates automatically to help provide raw data regarding KPIs along the way.

Great Partnerships Are Built On Trust.

Here’s a few reasons why top practices trust us:

Non-Brand Conversions

We focus on people searching for generic terms like “braces” and “orthodontist near me” – not those who already know your brand.

Cancel anytime

We believe in our work. We don’t believe in trapping clients with long term contracts if they’re not satisfied.

Real-Time Reporting

Want to know how we’re doing right now? Just check our handy reporting dashboard to see real-time performance stats.

Customer Service

Our hyper-responsive account managers are invested in your success. If you need to get in touch, we’re only ever a quick call or email away.

No Local Competition

You’ll never go up against another one of our clients, because we only ever serve one practice in a given city or area.

Day-One Expertise

We’ve worked with dozens of orthodontists around the country to hone our industry expertise, from cutting-edge technology to the top name brands.

Hyper Competitive

We want your practice to succeed and, quite frankly, crush the competition. Our success is directly tied to your own – and we play to win.

Many agencies focused on orthodontists don’t promise exclusivity.

This means – in some instances – agencies are creating strong competition for your business. We aim to become your partner, and help you through growing pains.

We believe in long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. You can’t build trust with your marketing team, if your agency is undermining your ability to win clients. Digital marketing is a digital war; allies are important. When you win, we win. That’s exactly why exclusivity is critical!

If you are interested in seeing what all the buzz is about, make sure to schedule a meeting with two of our partners Jason Sirotin and Savvy Lorestani, for a free digital assessment. We promise it will be a very valuable hour, or we’ll buy you dinner… Yeah, you heard us right: DINNER.

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The opportunity in SEO for Orthodontists
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Exclusivity has it's privileges.

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