Graphic design

Are you missing the visuals that really represent your brand?

What really is

An abstract image with scattered blobs and dots in white, blue, purple, and pink.

It’s more than just pretty pictures. To create stunning branded design, we ask big questions like:

  • Who will engage with the design?
  • What does it represents for its brand?
  • How will it play into a holistic branded experience?
At Brain Bytes we strive to answer these questions with astute approaches to both the user experience and brand image.

You have microseconds to convey your
brand’s identity.

Here at Brain Bytes, we set out to produce those stop-you-in-your-track designs that speak the heart of your brand’s identity and voice.
Always motivated by a data-driven sense of curiosity, we craft functional, scalable, optimized solutions that don’t just look perfect, but feel perfect.
We don’t just design visuals, we design connections.
Abstract blobs in white, blue, purple, & pink. There is a sample business card labelled "Identity".

Our graphic design services

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Web design

Understanding the “why” behind users’ motivations is crucial for functional, intuitive design. Our UI/UX-focused web design utilizes this mentality to drive user engagement and conversion. User interface (UI) is the combination of visual elements on the screen and the user experience (UX) is how a user interacts with those visual elements. Learn more about our website design and development process.

Branding and logo design

By applying rigorous research methodologies in our discovery process, we capture your brand’s lightning in a bottle and translate it into visuals that truly resonate with your target audience. From iconic logos to carefully crafted stationery and print, we help you visually articulate the tone and purpose of your company.
  • Portfolio design
  • Business card design
  • Letterhead design
  • Envelope design
  • Store signage design
An image of a pencil and sheets of paper. The image is pink, purple, black, and blue.
Image of a blue pencil in a lightbulb. A pink circle comes out of the tip.

Print design

We’ve got the guts to say, absolutely judge a book by its cover. We serve up eye-catching and innovative print designs that make promotional materials pop.
  • Brochure and handout design
  • Catalog design
  • Magazine ad design
  • Poster and banner design
  • Direct mail design
  • Stationary design
  • Package design
  • Training manual design
  • Instruction manual design

Marketing and advertising design

Whether we’re crafting your new visual identity or simply putting a bow on it, our mission is to create inspiring, head-turning work that moves the needle. We work hard to identify your business goals, user goals, and KPIs to ultimately affect real change and convert your target audience.
  • Billboard and other out-of-home design
  • Digital ad design
  • White paper design
  • E-book design
  • Newsletter design
  • Email design
  • Social media design
  • Infographic design
An image of an eye with a gear in the iris. The image is pink, purple, black, and blue.
A webpage with a pink pencil on a blue panel.

Trade show design

Rack up those sales leads. Create a statement across the variety of design opportunities present at a trade show. Our team of designers can help build a custom package of booth materials to promote your brand during the show.
  • Backdrop design
  • Pop-up banner stand design
  • Hanging banner design
  • Digital display graphic design
  • Tablecloth design
  • Brochure and handout design

Packaging design and product display

Brain Bytes’ design experts properly define the project specs and requirements while applying industry best practices to accurately reflect your brand across all display and package items.
  • Product package design
  • POS display design
  • Counter display and counter wraps
A disposable coffee cup with blue and black lid, white body, & pink label with a light pink circle.
A monitor displays a pink square. On one side is a mouse, and the other is a circle and triangle.

Presentation design

Make your message memorable. Our design team crafts strong, visually-stunning presentations across many formats, to clearly communicate your message while leaving a lasting impact on your audience.
  • Powerpoint presentation design
  • Google slide presentation design
  • SlideShare presentation design
  • Prezi presentation design
  • Video presentation design

The Brain Bytes approach to effective graphic design

Start with discovery and research.

Our discovery process helps us learn about your company’s business, brand, and goals.
We conduct stakeholder interviews/surveys as well as industry/competitor research as well as industry/competitor research in order to understand the opportunities you are trying to achieve through design.
By the end of this stage, we have a clear understanding of your target audience, the action we want them to take, and the approach needed to do so.

Take an iterative approach to get the best product possible.

Our UI/UX, design, and content teams work together to bring the vision for your design to life.
This can happen across wireframes, page comps, graphic mockups, etc. based on the needs of your project.
Once our teams have collaborated to create a meaningful design, we create a feedback loop with the client to ensure that the vision is completed through an iterative process.

Build, measure, learn and

Final approval doesn’t mean our work is done.
We continually evaluate the success of the design elements we create.
Using data and analytics to ensure our designs are functioning at their full potential, we evaluate SEO, conversion rates, site traffic data, and statistics from integrated social media campaigns in order to show a maximum return on investment for our content.

Our graphic design really works.

Our designs take equal inspiration from data and artistic vision.
See how we nailed a total refresh for a national food brand’s

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