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In a hyper-distracted digital world, you only get microseconds to tell your brand’s story. Here at Brain Bytes, we set out to produce those stop-you-in-your-track designs that speak the heart of your brand’s identity and voice. Always motivated by a data-driven sense of curiosity, we craft functional, scalable, optimized solutions that don’t just look perfect, but feel perfect. We don’t just design visuals, we design connections.

Our Graphic Design Process

We’re into the art of transforming information into meaningful images. By maintaining a clear connection to your brand, your audience, and your goals, Brain Bytes can bring to life the brave, intelligently crafted designs that create a unified brand experience. To be successful, we break down our build-measure-learn process into three key areas -- each containing numerous opportunities for us to collaborate in order to reach your design goals.

Graphic Design Discovery

Discovery and Research

The Thought Behind Great Design

Our discovery process helps us learn about your company’s business, brand, and goals. We conduct stakeholder interviews/surveys as well as industry/competitor research as well as industry/competitor research in order to understand the opportunities you are trying to achieve through design. By the end of this stage, we have a clear understanding of your target audience, the action we want them to take, and the approach needed to do so.

Interactive Graphic Design

Iterative Design

Getting The Best Product Possible

Our UI/UX, design, and content teams work together to bring the vision for your design to life across wireframes, page comps, graphic mock-ups, etc. based on the needs of your project. Once our teams have collaborated to create a meaningful design, we create a feedback loop with the client to ensure that the vision is completed through an iterative process.

Brain Bytes Creative Build Measure Learn Approachj

Measure and Modify

Build, Measure, Learn Feedback Loop

Interaction doesn’t end once a final design concepts has been approved. We continually evaluate the success of the design elements we create. Using data and analytics to ensure our designs are functioning at their full potential, we evaluate SEO, conversion rates, site traffic data, and statistics from integrated social media campaigns in order to show a maximum return on investment for our content.

Graphic Design Services

Branding and Logo design

By applying rigorous research methodologies in our discovery process, we capture your brand’s lightning in a bottle and translate it into visuals that truly resonate with your target audience. From iconic logos to carefully crafted stationery and print, we help you visually articulate the tone and purpose of your company.

Portfolio Design - We create templates to address the various types of information you’ll share in your portfolio, contributing to a consistent design aesthetic that maintains your message for your clients.

Business Card Design - We ensure your business cards complement the colors, fonts, and images consistent with brand guidelines, building a corporate identity that unifies employees.

Letterhead Design - Designed with both email and print in mind, an on-brand letterhead can be used across communications, from press releases to internal communications.

Envelope Design - You’ve got mail? We create a unique look to your envelope designs to best position your brand before it even sees a letter opener.

Store Signage Design - If you have a brick and mortar location, make it your home with custom store signage.

Print Design

We’ve got the guts to say, absolutely judge a book by its cover. We serve up eye-catching and innovative print designs that make promotional materials pop.

Brochure and Handout Design - Whether designing a print piece to leave behind with a customer or use in a booth at a trade show, our print pieces make a statement and convey the information needed to help your prospects remember you at their time of need.

Catalog and Magazine Design - By tailoring innovative templates to your company, we ensure a smooth design process for larger prints that are on time, on a budget, and cohesive from page to page.

Poster and Banner Design - Aim for the outfields. Make a statement from afar with stand-out large print elements.  

Direct Mail Design - Inbox fatigue is a real thing. Stand out of the digital crowd with killer direct mail collateral that encourages conversion and generates new business.

Check out our print design services and samples.

Marketing and Advertising Design

Whether we’re crafting your new visual identity or simply putting a bow on it, our mission is to create inspiring, head-turning work that moves the needle. We work hard to identify your business goals, user goals, and KPIs to ultimately affect real change and convert your target audience.
Print Ad Design (magazine) - Adhering carefully to the unique specifications of each ad piece, our design team builds a graphically innovative and appealing ad piece that stays on message and on brand.

Outdoor Design - Advertising outdoors requires creative design and content to make a statement that connects. Whether implementing a billboard strategy or transit ads, our team can design a campaign to meet your audience and your KPI’s.

Digital Ad Design - Our team analyzes your target audience to design digital ads with the right combination of graphical elements to produce the most click-throughs and conversions.

White Paper Design - Engage prospects higher in the funnel with informative, easy to digest, and brilliantly well designed white papers. Our template building approach ensures that future white papers are easy to create and design.

E-book Design - From a branded cover to the visual representation of all the facts and data, a thoughtfully designed e-book template helps readers digest complex information and associate your brand with subject matter expertise.

Newsletter Design - Regular newsletters help keep your brand top of mind among prospects and customers. Our team can design a dynamic letterhead and also build templates to ensure all key pieces of content are easy to include going forward.

Email Design - Our email designs help your communications stand out in the cluttered inbox and encourage readers to take action.

Social Media Design - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter — each social media application has different requirements for promotional pieces. Our design team is well-versed in providing comprehensive designs across platforms to get your content noticed.

Infographic Design - Sharing statistical information is always more appealing when an infographic is created. Taking your raw data, our design team translates the information into an attractive infographic which stays on brand.

Presentation Design - Designing master slides to facilitate the creation of materials in PowerPoint, Prezi, Slide-Share, Google Slides, and more, our team of creatives provides you with a deck of templates at-the-ready for your next presentation.

Print Ready Graphics - In addition to designing materials, our team also generates print-ready pieces which meet the specifications for high-resolution printing. We integrate QR codes to your design if needed or enhance photos to deliver files you won’t have to alter.

Web Design

Understanding the “why” behind users’ motivations is crucial for functional, intuitive design. Our UI/UX-focused web design utilizes this mentality to drive user engagement and conversion. User interface (UI) is the combination of visual elements on the screen and the user experience (UX) is how a user interacts with those visual elements. Learn more about our website design and development process.

Trade Show Design

Rack up those sales leads. Create a statement across the variety of design opportunities present at a trade show. Our team of designers can help build a custom package of booth materials to promote your brand during the show.

Backdrop Design - Grab the attention of attendees as they pass by with a carefully designed statement piece along the back of your booth. Our designers make a bold design statement while capturing the features of your company.

Pop-up Banner Stand Design - These pieces are crucial to have at a trade show because of the ease in which they can be set up. Using a design distinct to your company provides you with a quick, attention-grabbing piece ready at any time.

Hanging Banner Design - When trying to grab the attention of attendees in a busy exhibit hall, utilizing the space near the ceiling to display a designed piece for your company is a great strategy to bring people over to your booth.

Digital Display Graphic Design - Go beyond print in your booth with an interactive display for TVs and monitors. We can present key pieces of information about your business through an animated, graphical design to grab attention.

Tablecloth Design - Regardless of the size or shape of the table, we can create design templates which allow you to brand every surface in your booth with relevant graphical elements.

Brochure and Handout Design - Allow trade show attendees to take the most salient information home with them through a comprehensive print piece geared towards conversion.

Packaging Design and Product Display

Brain Bytes’ design experts properly define the project specs and requirements while applying industry best practices to accurately reflect your brand across all display and package items.

Product Package Design -
Stopping you mid-scroll or middle of the shopping aisle, our package design capabilities balance the elevation product and brand imagery while effectively communicating key product information. From box, bag, container, and bottle design, to store hanger and label design, we have the experience and creativity to help your product stand out.

POS Display Design - Create a memorable experience for shoppers and prospects with exclusive creative POS Displays.

Counter Display and Counter Wraps - Ensure that the area around your cash register is properly branded with our innovative display designs and counter wrap templates.

Our Graphic Design Work

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