Mobile app prototyping

Looking to streamline your app? Or wanting an immersed experience of your app before any code is written? Our mobile application prototyping service will help turn your vision into a working model by creating your very own mobile app prototype.

It starts with your dope app idea.

Here at Brain Bytes, our goal is to bring your mobile app concept to the next level! Our team of app developers, designers and marketers are pumped to bring your app to life by creating an interactive demo for your business.

You will have peace of mind knowing you are able to test all the main potential features of your final mobile product as well as see how the design will look before taking the plunge (and investment) into development.

What are the advantages of mobile app prototyping?

There’s no doubt your app idea is amazing, but why not just go full steam ahead into development? If you ask us, the advantages of mobile app prototyping are undeniable:

White zigzag on a very light grey rectangle.

Better clarity

Prototyping gives you the ability to explore your app’s features, design and CTAs before a single line of code is written. This allows for a closer examination and evaluation of the final deliverable.

Prevent user frustration

With a mobile app prototype, testing can be performed to work out the user flow as well as iron out kinks and frustration points before spending a bushel of time developing a faulty app

Increase collaboration

Prototyping allows developers, stakeholders, and end users to explore ideas and exchange feedback. Making everyone feel more involved and invested in your app.

Less time and money

Prototyping is a far more flexible model and it makes identifying and resolving problems earlier in the process much easier.


Our mobile app development services

Our discovery process helps us learn about your company’s business, brand, and goals. Together, our teams co-create the user journey via lo-fi wireframes (we like good ol’ pen and paper). This is a very quick phase of planning that helps everyone visualize the concept of your app.

Digital wireframes

Next, we build out the lo-fi wireframes to digital wireframes. This visual guide represents the framework of your app and are created for the purpose of arranging elements to best accomplish your vision. Once these are completed, we will deliver the digital wireframes to you for review and feedback.


Finally, we create a stunning design that will bring your mobile app prototype to life! This step is more than just making your prototype pretty. Our Design team strives to produce visual designs that not only engage your target users, but that also speak to your brand’s identity and voice.

The Brain Bytes approach to mobile application prototyping

We’re cutting edge with UI/UX

Consistency is what links user interface elements together with distinct and predictable actions, which is essential for a glorious product experience.

We keep up with UI/UX best practices across all platforms as well as forgo using out-of-the-box templates to ensure we are designing specifically for your user in mind.

We work swiftly

In today’s day and age, time is the ultimate resource.

Our system allows you to see your app vision quickly and more effectively in an environment where you will be able to get the feel of the final product.

We provide a cost-saving solution

You have a budget and we want to help you stick with it.

With our mobile app prototyping service, you get a lot of bang for your buck! We take on the majority of the thinking and planning at the beginning of the process which other companies charge big coin for this as a separate service.

We think ahead

The best short-term strategy is a long-term one.

We are well-versed in balancing short-term results with a long-term strategy. We utilize Lean Startup’s methodology in searching for the minimum viable product as well as advise you on the next best steps.

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