What is SEO Consulting?

Search engine optimization (SEO) incorporates strategies which improve the presence of your business’ website or app in organic search results (i.e., Google). SEO should be a major element within your digital marketing strategies, especially alongside your content marketing and social media strategies. The right SEO strategy for your business often consists of a complicated equation of site functionality, content creation, keywords, incoming links, and more. Staying on top of so many elements as you learn about SEO itself can be tedious, which is where the support of an SEO consultant can be truly beneficial.

SEO consulting services provide you with the necessary knowledge to implement strategies that help improve website traffic as well as raise your site’s visibility in the search engines. Working with an SEO consultant pairs you with an experienced team that analyzes and reviews your web presence before providing expert advice, guidance, and recommendations to help your business gain more traffic through organic search and a higher rank on sites like Google.

How your business benefits from SEO

The services provided by an SEO consultant can ultimately lead to better SEO which has a variety of benefits for your business. A well-optimized site means your audience can find you at their time of need which can lead to a lesser need to implement paid search campaigns to attract your audience. Inserting the right keywords, those your audience naturally associates with you and your industry, also improves traffic to your site, possibly bringing in more revenue while requiring you to pay less to advertise.

The support your SEO consultant provides for you business can generate quite a few positive results, including:

Ensuring your website is user-friendly

Driving more customers to your site

Increasing conversion rates

Improving brand awareness

Placing you above your competition

SEO Consulting Services at Brain Bytes

The Atlanta SEO consulting team at Brain Bytes Creative uses their experience and proven best practices to serve as your SEO support system. We work with you directly to develop an actionable SEO strategy, providing tactical recommendations for you implement. Our goal is to help your business see measurable improvements online.

We don’t leave you hanging either. Once we pass off SEO strategies for your business to utilize, our SEO consultants are available to check your work, offer feedback, and help with tracking and reporting on key performance indicators in order to really show success.

An SEO consulting services package at Brain Bytes entitles you to 10 hours of work per month, including coaching, assistance, and support with:

Keyword research

We’ll generate a list of focused keyword and phrases related to your business which you can incorporate into your existing content. Complied through a large list of internal and external sources and reports, this is a thorough set of words to help increase your ranking on search engine results.

Q&A related to SEO

Educating clients is a huge component of our SEO consulting services. We strive to embolden you to successfully perform your own optimizations by sharing our expertise as well as being available to answer your questions and coach you through trying new strategies.

Content Hub & Assignment Creation

Great content is a must for online success. Once we've completed your keyword research, we'll break it into topic clusters to figure out which are the most valuable opportunities for you to pursue. From there, we take those topics and turn them into focused content assignments for you to complete.

Technical SEO

A technically sound site leads to better search performance. We'll perform a technical analysis to find areas of weakness on your website and arm you with a list of technical optimization recommendations. We'll walk you through why these changes are important and make sure we answer all of your questions on how you can implement them.

On-page Optimization

We analyze your existing site content and help you make sure you're getting the most out of it. Optimizing your page copy, title tags, and meta descriptions to make sure they align with important keywords is a key step in improving search results. After analysis we set you up with a list of improvements for you to make to start seeing better results.

Assistance with reporting

Another piece of SEO is showing its effectiveness. We’ll assist you with gathering results to properly evaluate the key performance indicators you’re most closely watching so that you can properly read and share relevant data. This helps you maintain an air of transparency with your work as well as effectively influence future strategic decisions.

Additional services provided include creating a keyword opportunity tool, collaborating monthly on strategies, insights, and recommendations, and checking up on existing work to provide feedback. At Brain Bytes, we break the process of SEO down, step-by-step, so you can learn to accomplish your SEO goals yourself. Our clients range from businesses looking to enhance SEO with limited budgets as well as those needing guidance for their own teams. 

If you’re looking for more in-depth support and management of your SEO strategy, we also offer comprehensive SEO services.

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