At Brain Bytes Creative we have a talent and passion for digital marketing. We understand business as only entrepreneurs can: we must continually make shrewd company decisions to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. We also pride ourselves on our ability to bridge the divide between pure creativity and logic.

We have a structured approach to client digital marketing campaigns that begins with our consultative sales process. We provide dedicated account executives and project managers who take care of you from day one. We commit to being as proactive as possible, but our process goes both ways, so don’t be surprised to find us on-site with you or requesting a meeting via email or #slack. Our interactive approach helps us to accurately and positively reflect your business in the online world.

Each year more and more marketing dollars are spent on digital marketing for three simple reasons: it works, it’s more measurable, and it provides you with greater insights than any form of traditional marketing. With digital marketing you can follow your customers and leads through their entire customer journey.

Current research shows that between 66% to 90% of a customer’s journey is self-directed. It’s therefore critical to find the right customers and help them learn what they want to know about your business as they begin their journey. Cue your digital marketing campaigns!

Showing up in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, gives your business access to a highly-qualified audience of people who are most likely to take action in the near future. Be in front of your customers when they are searching and quickly provide them the information they need.

The cornerstone of any optimization strategy is a lot of great, relevant information tailored to those you'd like to attract to your site. A large volume of high-quality content helps with a number of our goals. You're more likely to have information that's useful to any particular person, you're more likely to include the key phrases people are searching for, and other sites are more likely to link to your business.

The importance of content marketing:

Good content marketing is about solving people's problems, answering their questions, and engaging potential users. Great content drives business. One of our largest clients drives 90% of their $500 million in annual sales through content marketing. Blogs, white papers, e-books, and user-generated content (like reviews) are all examples of content marketing. Good content is shareable, useful, and demonstrates expertise. Good content also helps you grab people at different places in the sales funnel. For example, if you are in the residential property business, then an article about neighborhoods would land at the top of the funnel. A white paper about the savings associated with buying a green condo lands lower in the funnel, and a brochure about the amenities of a specific residential property falls at the bottom of the funnel.

Not only does a blog give your business an additional area to showcase products and services, but it also draws in potential clients who are attracted to your expertise. Being a thought leader has never been more important.

There are a ton of great agencies out there, but our digital marketing agency is different. Many people say that. We’ll show it! We get our hands dirty and offer our clients service far beyond what they have ever experienced with any vendor, let alone an agency. We’re responsive and transparent and deliver a personal, passionate, and tailored service to each and every one of our clients, big or small, based in the USA or abroad.

Your online presence demands creativity and innovation in every department. Digital marketing when done right is an expansive limitless force. Our holistic approach allows us to design, develop, manage, and deliver your products or services with results that place you above your competition.



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