Jason Sirotin
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Jason, a partner and co-founder, serves as the Chief Creative Officer at Brain Bytes Creative. In 2007, he and his wife Courtney started a healthy bakery and were searching for a good website design agency to build their new company’s site. They endured countless meetings with people who were less than qualified to build their site and even less qualified to interact with human beings. Tired of meeting with small, underwhelming companies, Jason started contacting larger digital agencies and found that making a site with them was cost-prohibitive. That’s when Jason’s website and SEO exploration began. A Creative Director by trade, he decided to teach himself how to code. He already knew the design side and he knew that he could teach himself enough code to be dangerous. Within weeks he had designed, coded, and launched his first site. Soon he had friends and family asking him to build sites, and then friends of friends, and his network of people needing quality sites at a reasonable cost steadily grew. Jason and Courtney then created a website development agency called “Website Sushi.” The company expanded quickly and soon Jason, who was also building a video company (ECG Productions), needed a partner to take it to the next level. Jason looked for a partner who has the same intelligence, grit, and determination and he found it in Brain Bytes Creative co-founder Bridget Snapp. They quickly changed the company name to “Brain Bytes Creative“ and started growing a company they knew would be the best digital marketing agency in the Southeast.

Jason is still happily married and has two beautiful children, Dylan and Levi. As a serial entrepreneur, he is constantly building new opportunities and spends his free time raising money for companies he believes in and wants to succeed.

Jason attended Rochester Institute of Technology, Emerson College, and University of Massachusetts Boston. He continues to educate himself as an avid business book reader and enthusiast.



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