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Brain Bytes unlocks the power of PHP to deliver bespoke websites, apps, extensions, and advanced web interfaces for all applications.

What is PHP web development?

A desk in a dark room. It is lit by a lamp and two monitors. The desk is covered with handtools.

PHP (AKA Hypertext Preprocessor) is a scripting language ideal for web-development.

As of 2019, almost 80% of websites use PHP for their content, dynamic images, developer frameworks, and more! Plus you can embed it into website code.

PHP can do anything. Well, not anything. It can’t time travel. But we can use PHP to build engaging and robust web content that reflects your brand.

The advantages of using PHP in web development

There’s a lot to love about PHP, but some of the highlights include speed, extendability, high performance, and reliability. And that’s just scratching the surface of the benefits of PHP. Here are a few more:

Established record

PHP is one of the most trusted tools for website development. It’s been put through its paces by millions of people over two decades. Our developers trust PHP because it is dependable.

Open source and flexible

You’ll never have to shell out money for expensive upgrades. PHP works with any web development technology, making it the best possible solution for CRM, CMS, E-commerce, portals, Social Networking, and websites.

Peace of mind

PHP allows for the same top-shelf security of enterprise languages — we use PHP to create secure applications, and interfaces — all while delivering nearly hacker-proof websites.

Control and speed

We can do the same work in a few lines of code that other languages require long scripts to do, giving you easily-editable control over websites. This lets us speed up the wireframing stage and increase functionality and productivity.

Versatility of platform independence

PHP is supported by most platforms (Linux, macOS, Unix, Windows, etc.). It’s also compatible with major web servers like IIS and Apache.

Our PHP development capabilities

We’re all about above-and-beyond offerings. We do get excited about whipping up fresh, custom PHP code but we can also use pre-existing frameworks that can save loads of time and redundancy throughout your project. That’s not all we’re capable of though. A mere smattering of the PHP development services we offer include:

Refinement of existing solutions

We streamline your current or legacy architecture with PHP frameworks to cut down on unproductive and redundant applications.


We advise your PHP throughout implementation, planning, and operations. And we’ll lend a hand in developing software throughout its lifecycle phases.

QA and testing

We put your product through its paces and test it for mobile, desktop, and tablet operating systems so we’re confident you’re getting a sturdy product.

Long-term support and maintenance

We can also manage your PHP for you — even if we didn’t build it — we’ll take the reins and maintain updates and troubleshooting for your site

Migration to the latest PHP version

Migrating legacy systems to new platforms can be a headache, let us do the heavy lifting of coordinating and troubleshooting between platforms.

Our approach to PHP web development

PHP development is our bread and butter. It doesn’t scare us, but we know jargon can get heady quick. We’re here to make you feel comfortable. We don’t want to browbeat you or silence you with technobabble.

So we’ll keep this as a high-level overview and leave behind the object-oriented programming and server-side scripting stuff — unless you’re curious about it then we’ll be happy to talk shop until the cows come home.

But seriously. Our PHP developers work with you to understand your big picture. Then we zhuzh it up and deliver a product that reflects your business and shows off your best qualities.

When users access your website or application, they should understand that you mean business.
It’s our goal to help users trust you with their business. That goal prioritizes everything we do — from the initial kickoff to final launch of your product and beyond.
We want you to be as proud of our work as we are.

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