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Brain Bytes utilizes the powerful versatility and simplicity of Python to create enhanced websites, apps, and software solutions.

What is Python?

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Python is a general-purpose programming language, focused on front-end and back-end flexibility, efficiency, and simplicity.

We wouldn’t exactly call it humble, though — Python has ranked as the #1 programming language by IEEE in 2019, as well as making top 5 lists across a spectrum of internet thought leaders.
Its ability to play nice with other programming languages, adapt to a vast range of software needs, and keep code simple and accessible has made it the choice language for many developers.
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How can Python development help your business?

While it might seem peripheral to your main business concerns if you’re not a developer, there are actually direct benefits for any business looking to create a software or app solution.
With Python, you can streamline web and mobile app development, scale your software, create specialized content management systems (CMSs), and supercharge existing legacy software.

Our Python web development capabilities

At Brain Bytes, we’ve tackled a wide range of projects and our development team has established a reputation delivering crucial results for a wide range of applications, interfaces, development, and programming, for Windows, Linux/Unix, and Mac OS X, all while integrating and boosting business productivity.
To put it simply: our know-how knows no bounds.

Django, Flask, and other Python frameworks

Django is a Python-based web development framework that lets you create profitable and interactive applications designed to your specific needs.
For these reasons and more — like simplicity and ease of use — Django has gained popularity among developers. Django is a fast way for SMBs to develop professional usable, secure, and scalable apps.
For smaller applications, we recommend Python frameworks like Flask. It’s simple to develop, great for database-driven websites. And its easy interface lets developers create more in a shorter time frame.
But hey, we said we’re experts. We’ve got insight and experience in all manner of frameworks. Drop us a line and we can figure out our best offerings.

Custom CMS expertise

Content Management Systems (CMS) are computer applications or software that manages content with a database. A CMS is an essential tool for the website development process. They’re especially fundamental for enterprise organizations.
If you have spent years creating workflows around your business, it’s frustrating to deal with new technology that doesn’t conform to your needs. We know how it is.

We develop custom CMS to manage your unique, one-of-a-kind web design. At this offering, we design for your goals first and let the objectives align with your platform.

Experience extending and integrating with legacy software

Legacy software can stall development. On one hand, lots of time, training, and effort has gone into these systems. And on the other, companies feel stuck with outmoded technology because it’s so central to their company.
The good news is that don’t have to blow up your digital footprint to reap the benefits of updated design. We have lots of ways to adapt legacy software and interfaces to freshen up your website without starting over.
With a little elbow grease, you can integrate legacy software into modern digital architecture.

The benefits of high-quality Python web development

Alright. We know we’ve thrown a lot of stuff at you. Now let’s give you some more high-level information about what exactly Python is and how we’re using it to help you drive sales and increase your ROI.

Our approach to Python development

We stay laser-focused on your business goals.

At Brain Bytes, we draw inspiration from Python’s adaptability, its ability to achieve the specific app or software goals from a wide range of projects.
The success of those projects, we believe, comes from how effectively that app or software solution achieves the intended goals.
By thoughtfully identifying your objectives at the very beginning and staying aligned with them throughout each step of the development process, Brain Bytes delivers a customized app or software solution that fits your unique needs.

We want to help — we’re not assholes.

It’s not our M.O. to scare, confuse, or bewilder our clients. We understand the importance of developing a relationship built on trust, especially when you’re talking about jargon-y tech.
The process of developing a website is already enough work, so we try to make things as comfortable as possible. We value our client relationships. That’s why we’re always happy to talk, explain, or kibitz with you 24/7.
Don’t believe us? Check out our Clutch testimonials.

We know our way around Python technologies.

Our development team pulls from a variety of Python frameworks, software integration knowledge, and expertise with a diverse range of Python-adjacent programming languages — all to determine the best approach for developing your app or software solution. Using this wide range of resources allows us to meet your specific needs and objectives.

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