WordPress development services

Brain Bytes harnesses the powerful flexibility of the WordPress platform to design and develop unique website solutions that are easy for any team to manage, edit, and use.

What is WordPress?

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WordPress is a website creation tool that you can use to update content, develop website pages, and wow users.

WordPress’ vast plug-in architecture opens the doors to unlimited features and customization, so the website you build on the platform is distinctly yours.
With this easy-to-use interface, content teams that previously would need extensive developer support to make the smallest website changes now have the ability to manage their own sites.

The benefits of WordPress

Simplified content management

Originally built as a blogging platform, WordPress now powers over 75 million websites and blogs. That’s roughly ⅓ of the Internet!
It’s easy to see why they have that much market share. WordPress’s extremely robust architecture aside, it boasts accessibility features and simple administrative tools that allow non-coders and development gurus alike to manage and edit a website with ease.

Extensive customizability

WordPress offers an exceptional content platform with unmatched versatility. Plug-ins and new features — like ecommerce functionality, social feeds, and CRM integrations — are easily implemented, extending your website capabilities so it can scale or pivot as your needs require.

Baked-in search engine optimization

Google and other major search engines love WordPress. Its dashboard facilitates quick and easy updates to your website’s technical SEO, such as title tags and meta descriptions. And SEO-focused add-ons can do wonders to your website’s visibility in search.

Our WordPress development services

Whether you’re a seasoned coder or a website newbie, you should be able to easily manage, edit, and expand your website. With our WordPress development services, we help you do just that by utilizing the many capabilities of WordPress to deliver a custom site that’s easy to use and rich with features.

Our approach to WordPress development

We’ll get the tangible certifications out of the way first.
We’ve built sites that tested the boundaries of WordPress sites in numerous ways, from integrating complex SKU architectures to producing interactive animated graphics.
Every time, we stay resolute in our approach. We strive to guide clients with strategic planning, build thoughtful custom solutions, and develop with superb technical expertise. All with effective communication and excellent turnarounds.
We’ve promised a lot. If we were you, we’d probably be skeptical, too.

But — no fooling — our results speak for themselves. Check out some of the work we’ve done for other clients here.

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We efficiently build websitescatered to your unique needs.

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