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A look under the hood of our agency

Brain Bytes is a collective of creative, solutions-oriented, low-ego professionals with one goal: to help your business.

Founded in 2010, Brain Bytes Creative has become the home for programmers, designers, filmmakers, writers, project managers, media gurus, and entrepreneurs — all with a singular passion for doing exceptional work, whatever form it takes. A project doesn’t leave our hands until it can accurately be called a “labor of love.”


Our value prop is TLC.

While other agencies may tout similar services, we offer something different: radical empathy for our clients.

The act of transforming clients’ business and meaningfully achieving their goals has become our number one focus at Brain Bytes, and it radically alters our work. Doing the next cool thing doesn’t matter as much as impacting a client’s bottom line, plain and simple.

That M.O. has always led us to results, revenue, and long relationships.

Meet our team

Jason Sirotin

Founder & Partner

Bridget Snapp

Founder & Partner

Savvy Lorestani

Founder & Partner

Belle Newby

Director of Creative Services

Devin Culclasure

Director of Content Marketing

Jess Thompson

Director of SEO

Joseph Goddard

Director of Development

Lauren McCracken

Director of Account Services

Stephanie Pietrosanti

Account Manager

Caroline Hosey

Account Coordinator

Christine Lust

Operations Manager

Hillary Humphrey

SEO Specialist

Kade Dalton

Content Strategist

Nathan Bützer



Trash Can Inspector


Director of Zoomies

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