Caroline HOSEY

Photo of Caroline Hosey. She wears a blue shirt in front of a green bush.

Caroline is a world traveler with a deep love of photography and literature. Growing up in Savannah, GA, Caroline developed an affinity for ocean life, and her earliest memory is helping her mom save a turtle that was crossing the street. After graduating from Emory with a degree in English Literature, Caroline taught in South Korea and Taiwan as an ESL teacher before getting her Master’s Degree in International Communications from National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan.

As an account manager, she manages sales and relationships and attends to our client’s needs. She also helps communicate and implement projects. She’s attention-to-detail oriented and interested in how social media influences people in the world.

In her personal time, Caroline enjoys photography, cooking, and hanging with her two kittens.


The cat with the heart eyes!
Loud chewing

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