Devin Culclasure
Director of Digital Marketing

Picture of Devin Culclasure. He wears a pink shirt, black & white tie, and a glorious mustache.

Devin is a German-American dual citizen who was born in Heidelberg but grew up in Tampa. He earned a B.S. in Journalism at the University of Florida, where he also worked as a reporter, Managing Editor, and Editor of The Independent Florida Alligator.

Since coming to Atlanta, Devin’s done a little bit of everything. As our Director of Digital Marketing, Devin manages a team of wide-ranging specialists whose skills include content production, SEO, CRO, and paid advertising. One thing he likes about being a digital marketer is that your only limits are your work ethic and your desire to understand. Plus, he gets the opportunity to take complex topics and break them down to the atomic level, and reassemble those concepts into clear concepts. 

In his spare time, Devin heads back across the state line, where you can catch him in his natural Florida Man® mode — we’re talking full-on no shirt, no shoes, and a big ol’ pina colada.


INT-J (The Architect)
Cats (Not really a secret)

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