Picture of Jason Sirotin. He wears a tan jacket, blue collar, and black rectangular glasses.

Jason Sirotin was bitten by the entrepreneur bug as a 5-year-old kid. He quickly graduated from selling newspapers, working a lemonade stand, and selling hand massagers that he made out of old film canisters. He’s always been a self-starting business mogul. 

But, in his sophomore year of high school, something happened that changed everything: he picked up a video camera. Since then, he’s dedicated himself to the art of visual storytelling, to taking great ideas and bringing them to life. 

After that, he went on to do a lot of things he’s extremely proud of: working as a videographer for major syndicates like MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN; becoming the Head of Production & Programming for a national cable network; even producing some films and television shows. Through it all, however, he missed the thrill of entrepreneurship, of bringing great businesses and ideas to life.

Through a lifetime of trial and error and hard-won experience, he’s mastered how to both tell and market a story. He’s worked on everything from multi-million dollar campaigns to low budget music videos. And he loves making professional connections. If you’re looking for someone to tell your story, to market your story, or to be part of your story, Jason is your guy!


1994 Lollapalooza, Rage Against The Machine!

Loud chewing of any kind but especially Captain Crunch cereal.

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