SEO & Content Case Study: Buildrite Construction

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In 2016, Buildrite Construction approached us with a brand awareness challenge:
They weren’t generating inbound traffic or
The majority of BR’s search traffic came from branded terms, and the client primarily worked with repeat customers.
The company struggled to make an impression on potential customers who were just beginning their search for a commercial builder, which limited their ability to drive traffic to the top of their sales funnel.
In Q1 of 2016:
  • Buildrite received 1,422 sessions via organic, most of which was branded traffic.
  • Buildrite did not register on the first 22 pages of Google for critical non-branded keywords such as commercial contractor, restaurant construction, construction budgeting, ground-up construction, and general construction.
  • Buildrite was not earning any new web/inbound leads.
We hypothesized that if we could generate SEO-augmented content that targeted organic, non-branded keywords, then we could vastly improve the qualified traffic reaching Buildrite’s website.
Side of a construction vehicle. Industrial font reads "Construction Pro Tip: #BuildriteKnowsBest".
We worked closely with Buildrite to understand the target audience, prioritize brand awareness goals, and develop an integrated plan of attack.
Step 1:
We performed extensive KW, industry, and client research, developing an integrated organic strategy that would bring the right traffic to the site via the path of least resistance.
Step 2:
BBC restructured the site architecture and information architecture to ensure that the content was relevant, unique, and optimized in a way that Google would reward with increased exposure and improved search engine rankings.
Step 3:
Supported by our in-house designers and developers, BBC focused on the rapid production of non-branded landing pages and informative blogs to drive more non-brand organic traffic into the top of their sales funnel.
Our strategy centered around the concept of “evergreen” content, or keyword-rich information that is likely to remain relevant far into the future. This type of content can help deliver a short-term boost to non-branded rankings, but more importantly, it sets up a solid foundation for long-term ranking success.
When done correctly, a strategic content framework is the gift that keeps on giving. For example, we hypothesized Buildrite’s audience would constantly be interested in learning about the ins-and-outs of estimating and budgeting a construction project, and the fundamental information on that page would continue to be relevant indefinitely.
One year later:
By 2017, Q1 organic sessions were already up 40% over the previous year, and organic search accounted for 40% of overall traffic.
Two years later (comparing Q1 2018 to Q1 2016):
↑ 254% Organic sessions (5,031 vs 1,422)

↑ 295% Organic new users (4,377 vs 1,108)

↑ 45% Organic search which represented 82% of all traffic (4,377 vs 1,108)

↑ 250% Organic goal completions (30 vs 8) & organic search accounted for 88 percent of all goal completions (an increase of 57%)
% increase in organic sessions
% increase in organic sessions
% increase in organic sessions
By leveraging our data-driven SEO and thoughtful content marketing, Buildrite invested in a solution that will pay dividends far into the future.
A great content strategy can help address immediate concerns, short-term objectives, and low-hanging fruit, but it’s most important to ask, “What will this strategy be doing for me in 1 year… 2 years… 5 years?”
To that effect, we like to compare the end result of effective content marketing to a growing forest. With time and care, what starts as a field of saplings will become a grove. Then it blossoms into a thriving ecosystem.


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