CRO Case Study: Resurgens Orthopaedics

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Online appointment conversions are vital to Resurgens Orthopaedics’ business.
But when users were stumped by the Request an Appointment form, those conversions took a serious dip.
Looking at user sessions, we saw many people abandoning the form because they could not select their “Preferred Physician” in form field #11.
Without realizing they missed the first form field to select their preferred office, users were unable to complete an Appointment request.
And because this first field was not required, users who overlooked the first question “Which office would you like to visit” were stumped by question eleven, a “Preferred Physician” drop down that they couldn’t fill out because they hadn’t selected an office in field #1.
Helpful stats:
  • 25.68% of users abandoned the form at field #11
  • Users spent an average of 43 seconds trying to complete field #11
  • Field #11 had the highest “refocus” rate across the form (users are leaving this field to visit another field and then returning)
  • Session replay showed users trying to click field #11 and not being able to because they haven’t filled out a prior required field.
We hypothesized that if we relocated form field #1 down to field #10, then we would reduce confusion, and therefore increase form completions.
A white desk with a laptop and succulent. Behind them is a white brick wall.
We moved the first field “Which office would you like to visit?” so that it came right before the “Preferred Physician” question. We conducted a split test to confirm our suspicions.
In one month, conversions exploded on the Request an Appointment page.
Page conversions/goals analytics
↑ 46.95% New appointment messages (92 vs 64)

↑ 43.73% Overall goal completions

↑ 43.75% Appointment message goal value ($23,000 vs $16,000)
Landing page performance analytics
↓ 6.57% Bounce rate

↑ 19.99% Page value
Conversions increased from 312 to 392, and conversion rates increased from 15.88% to 19.97%, a 26% increase.*

*We looked exclusively at high intent traffic sources, paid and organic.
% increase in goal value
% increase in appointment requests
% decrease in form bounce rate
The return
With a pre-established goal value of $250/conversion, these 80 additional conversions created a return of $20,000 over the course of one quarter. See calculation below.
Extrapolated across 2018, and assuming similar traffic patterns, the approximate return will be $80,000 for the year.
Extrapolated across 2022, and assuming similar traffic patterns, the approximate return will be $400,000 over the next five years.
Please note that this optimization will continue to deliver a return every day that this page is in existence, making the lifetime return infinite. Also, as traffic increases, the power of this return will also grow.
The investment
The CRO program costs $2,970/month. Over the course of the quarter where these optimizations were discovered and implemented, the client spent $8,910 on the program.
The return on investment
Q1 2018 After 1 Year After 3 Years After 5 Years After “Y” Years
224% 896% 2,688% 4,480% 896% x “Y”
Not all individual optimizations have this big of an impact. Sometimes, it takes several optimizations compounded to yield a percentage increase of this size. That said, we will continue to identify and make optimizations throughout the year.


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