Content Strategy Case Study: Hodges-Mace

To become an industry leader and lead-gen machine


Hodges-Mace struggled with low traffic and web leads, and needed rebranding following a merger with a software company.
We redesigned, rewrote, and rebranded the website based on market research and brand strategy.
This coincided with Hodges-Mace’s transition from service company to SaaS, and the launch of their newly acquired technology platform. Brain Bytes helped move the website away from a traditional “online brochure” — and into a website that is optimized for conversions and effectively delivers the Hodges-Mace brand message to the market.
The new website included integrations with key marketing technologies.
This included Act-On and Google Analytics. We augmented the initial build with new pages and functionality (like progressive profiling, a resource center, a press page, and a page focused on their SmartBen platform).
Brain Bytes provided continuous content marketing, technical SEO, social media marketing, marketing automation, and paid search services to reinforce our optimizations to the website.
We took a two-pronged approach to improving Hodges-Mace’s website.
This was based on quick wins and low-hanging fruit, and long-term content strategies which would contribute to SEO success.
Phase one
  • While this refresh was in the works, we focused on creating and launching fresh content on their existing site — so as to not stall organic growth while waiting on the new site. This included:
  • Blog posts and key content pages inspired by and optimized for search, based on high-impact keyword research
  • A downloadable Hodges-Mace overview brochure to serve new, low-in-the-funnel prospects on the site (and the Sales team)
Phase two
  • We conducted industry research and developed a plan for strategic content creation. This included:
  • Identifying various organic opportunities through regional SEO and relevant long tail search queries, and then concepted high-value content to meet those needs
  • Capitalizing on paid search opportunities by implementing CRO-friendly page redesigns and remarketing.
  • We continued generating high-value content as part of our long-term organic brand strategy. This included:
  • Creating low-barrier (that’s to say, non-gated) content focused on increasing engagement across each phase of the sales funnel
  • Developed a downloadable RFP template, which became the most successful resource on the site
  • As part of our search engine optimizations, we restructured the information architecture, overhauled content, and updated pages based on industry trends and keyword tracking (e.g, key software and service pages)
  • We enhanced tracking efforts and measurement tools, which led to better decision-making across all channels.
Three months later:
The site was previously a “brochure” site that did not generate any leads, but in the 3 months following launch we generated 20 contact form submissions, 14 product demo requests, and 28 resource downloads.
One year later:
Organic traffic increased by 41% YoY (16,527 to 23,360 organic sessions) and total website traffic skyrocketed to a 151% increase YoY (16,758 sessions to 42,181 sessions).
Hodges-Mace’s new website also generated staggering increases in conversions: 230 contact form submissions, 605 resource downloads, and 2,780 other form submissions.
% increase in organic traffic
% increase in total website traffic
high-value resource downloads