Web Design Case Study: Vidalia Onions

Turning artisanal flavors into elegant visuals


The Vidalia Onion Committee needed a website refresh that reflected their sophisticated new brand, while capturing the attention of chefs, foodies, and farmers.
Their old site was dated and hard to navigate.
A picture of Vidalia Onion's website before it was developed.
At the start of the project, the Vidalia Onion Committee came to us with a new logo and a brand vision: elegance, sophistication, artisan.
We knew that to introduce more chefs and foodies to the rich, complex flavors of the Vidalia onion, we had to understand its essence and turn that into something visual.
We took inspiration from contemporary southern imagery that evoked the sophistication of the onion while remaining faithful to its rustic Vidalia, GA roots.
Vidalia Onions webpage. It outlines the shape, variety, ID, and location of this kind of onion.
Slogan for Vidalia Onions. Text reads, "Taste the sweetness of Vidalias".
Screenshot of Vidalia Onions website, with a bio and a "Contact Us" CTA.
When we began mapping out the user experience, we had to consider several different user groups who would be visiting the site:
  • The growers and packers of Vidalia onions
  • Chefs interested in the onion’s unique flavors
  • Vidalia Onion Committee members
  • Everyday foodies looking for new ways to experience the onion
To create a website that addressed the multitude of target audiences, we clearly delineated each group’s experience in our initial sitemap and information architecture exercises.
After defining the user experiences, we set about visualizing wireframes for each page.
Once the user experience and page layouts were thoroughly developed, it was time to bring everything together.