Success Stories: Web Development

A handful of websites we took to new heights with forward-thinking web development and integrated digital marketing

The RADCO Companies
The challenge
RADCO, a real estate investment company, needed their website to achieve two goals: give prospective investors a complete overview of RADCO’s properties, and give employees access to pertinent information.
However, their website’s outdated design, frustrating usability, and odd prioritization of content created hurdles for both target users.
The analysis
RADCO’s investor website was facing a host of issues in several different areas. The website’s design did not reflect RADCO’s energy, personality, or brand. The investor services listed on the site were outdated. And the portfolio didn’t feature any sort of filtering or map, rendering it unhelpful for prospective investors.
The solution
After conducting an extensive discovery session, we developed an SEO-friendly site that met RADCO’s website goals while offering a more streamlined experience for potential investors. This included:
  • Fully integrating Yardi API to superpower their online portfolio, making it searchable and easy-to-use by prospects
  • Overhauling website with new design that matched the energy and modern essence of RADCO’s brand
  • Rebuilding site architecture to meet search engine best practices while simplifying the website’s navigation experience
  • Installing robust custom CMS capabilities on top of WordPress foundation, which allowed the RADCO team to configure web graphic animations, make swift edits to their portfolio, and easily add timely content like News/Events
  • Implementing a range of technical SEO tools for better searchability and better reporting, including Google Tag Manager, Yoast, robot.txt configurations, and title tag and meta-description optimizations
The results
The new website delivered a fresh user experience that not only opened up RADCO’s portfolio to prospective investors, but also augmented their site for search engine visibility — all while solidifying the RADCO visual brand.
The challenge
Hodges-Mace struggled with low traffic and web leads, and needed rebranding following a merger with a software company. The site’s content failed to communicate the new software-as-a-service ethos of Hodges-Mace, and design issues hurt the user experience, creating a hassle for potential leads.
The solution
We redesigned, rewrote, and rebranded the website based on market research and brand strategy. This coincided with Hodges-Mace’s transition from service company to SaaS, and the launch of their newly acquired technology platform. Brain Bytes helped push what was an “online brochure” into a conversion-optimized, SEO-powered website that effectively communicated the new Hodges-Mace brand. To do this, the new website featured:
  • Building a fully responsive web design, and applying best UI/UX practices in navigation and page layout
  • Developing key webpages around their new tech solutions and new messaging
  • Creating a resource center for marketing materials
  • Configuring key data reporting tools, including Act-On and Google Analytics
  • Integrating CRM software, such as Salesforce
  • Installing marketing automation software, CoSchedule
  • Improved user experience for hot leads with progressive profiling
The results
In the three months following launch, the new website generated:
  • 20 contact form submissions
  • 14 product demo requests
  • 28 resource downloads
Within a year:
  • Organic traffic increased by 41% YoY (16,527 to 23,360 organic sessions)
  • Total website traffic skyrocketed to a 151% increase YoY (16,758 sessions to 42,181 sessions)
  • The new site also generated staggering increases in conversions: 230 contact form submissions, 605 resource downloads, and 2,780 other form submissions.
The challenge
Northplains is a pioneer in the digital asset management space. But the company’s website was not generating qualified web leads and the company was struggling with a shrinking sales pipeline.
The analysis
Northplains’s website lacked CTAs, clear positioning and branding, product or company information, trust points, cohesive UI/UX, or SEO best practices. To top it off, lagging page speed and poor mobile-responsiveness created a problematic user experience.
The solution
We completely redesigned and rebranded the Northplains website by developing a sleek, conversion-friendly, search engine-optimized website aimed at engaging target prospects. This included:
  • Designing a modern look that introduced mobile responsiveness to the site
  • Rebuilt the site architecture to be in line with search engine best practices
  • Removed ambiguous or fluffy language that caused confusion for prospects
  • Creating content that clearly communicated Northplains’ services, products, and company information
  • Integrated custom contact forms
  • Built customized reporting to inform future optimizations across the site
The results
Within 90 days of our website improvements, we had increased quality monthly web conversions from from 1-3 per month to over 40 per month.
Within 5 months, the Northplains the website had generated over 180 qualified leads and $2M+ of bids in the pipeline.
Over time, the website and digital marketing efforts effectively shortened Northplains’ sales cycle from 9 months to 3 months. The updated information architecture and SEO-friendly content fueled a surge in organic traffic, while vast improvements to mobile/desktop UX and page speed helped keep users on the site longer. We empowered consumers with answers to common questions, which quickly weeded out unqualified leads. And important product information and solid messaging drove prospects down the funnel faster, validating leads and strengthening the quality of sales conversations.
A laptop displaying Northplains homepage. The page reads, "Xinet 19 is on its way".
Buildrite Commercial Construction
The challenge
Buildrite’s website struggled with low web traffic and zero monthly web leads. Buildrite wanted to build credibility and expertise in the construction space across the US, but their site’s limited design and lack of content prevented people from finding their site — much less qualified leads converting on the site.
The analysis
In addition to the prominent design and content challenges, Buildrite’s site also suffered from a very poor web speed and poor mobile performance, which greatly diminished their search engine rankings and lead generation.
The solution
We redesigned Buildrite’s website to build credibility and demonstrate expertise. We optimized what was once an online services brochure into a conversion-driving website, strengthened search opportunities through SEO and content best practices, and developed the new site to be mobile-friendly. Some of our tactics during this refresh included:
  • Establishing a more SEO-friendly site architecture by creating a content taxonomy that made sense to major search engines and users
  • Creating a portfolio section to show off their excellent work to prospects
  • Streamlining the lead gen process by making opportunities for online leads to connect with the sales team easily
  • Introducing marketing automation software, Marketo, to funnel website leads into targeted marketing campaigns

The results

After the new site launch, Buildrite saw improved YOY traffic by 46% and non-paid traffic by 70%. Additionally, the average session duration increased by 73% and new user sessions increased by 23%. The new website generated approximately 15 qualified new leads in the quarter after launch — from the old site’s zero monthly leads.