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Our approach

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Writing great SEO content for orthodontic practices, and orthodontists, isn’t about stuffing keywords together and creating something that is boring and hard to read. It’s about creating value for our reader, within our content. Our belief is that orthodontists need to function as educators, and thought leaders for their patients and peers.

Rather than build one main “braces” page that mentions metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces etc., we believe that orthodontists need to have individual pages for each sub-topic. Yes, pages should be packed with information that patients may be interested in, but it should also be pushing your brand and your services. This way, we are always pushing towards a conversion. Content can create conversions. In the orthodontic space, we consider a conversion a form filled out for an appointment.

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Our Experience

Our expert team of orthodontic content writers has been creating content for orthodontists and orthodontic companies for five years. We’ve covered every topic imaginable and have interviewed over a hundred orthodontist and orthodontic professionals.

We are often asked… If you write for so many orthodontists how do you make them stand apart? It’s a good one and worth exploring.

Every orthodontist and practice are different. They all have their own unique voice and our job is to pull that out. Yes, often the facts are all the same but the voice and tone are different. We believe in authenticity in our content. Orthodontic practices are a big part of our communities and that voice has to be encouraging and kind!

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