Paid Search For Orthodontists

New patients for as little as $23.00 a lead!

Our paid Google search program optimizes campaigns, with the goal of spending the least amount money for the highest return.

Our approach

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We create customer journeys that are to the point, in order to convert to leads. We focus on non-branded search; this means that users were not searching for a particular practice. These users were looking to solve a problem like “Braces near me” or “orthodontists near me”.

We DO NOT take credit for people who search for YOUR NAME. You earned that. Not us. We want non-brand conversions, and we want to be able to show you – with data – why and how our work worked to generate revenue for your business.

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Our Experience

We are really great at paid search! No seriously. We have been doing paid search for almost five years, and our team of professionals have hundreds of years of combined experience.

We spent the last four years in training; over the past year we have cracked the code. In addition to having learned what works (and what doesn’t), we have the ability to let the data lead us to the right answers.

We look at paid search in non-brand terms because we know that when agencies take credit for brand search, it causes confusion, and a false sense of value for orthodontists. Non-brand means that users were looking to solve a specific problem; they weren’t just typing in your practice name. Our experience in orthodontic, paid-search campaigns tells us to focus on one thing at a time. Carry it over the line, optimize, and then? Move on to the next campaign. Our techniques are efficient, and they drive better and better results over time.

Paid Search Case Study

Bovenizer & Baker Orthodontics generated 12 non-brand conversions (phone call or schedule consultation web form submission) fill for approximately $279.00. That’s about $23.00 a conversion! 

Learn how we did it! 


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