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90% of all orthodontic web searches end on page one of Google. 70% of those searches end on the top four, non-paid results. Where does your practice appear?

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When it comes to SEO for Orthodontists, if your website is not growing with content and you are paying a monthly retainer for SEO, you are being robbed. SEO can’t be accomplished without creating valuable, keyword-rich content, optimized for search on a website. 

We've spoken with many orthodontists, and orthodontic
marketing professionals and we see these two things most


The site sits static, without anything happening to it. Orthodontists, pay for “Monthly SEO” and in return they get monthly reports that they don’t understand. Many practices tell us they don’t know how many conversions they receive from digital marketing efforts if any at all.


The site gets content added every month, but it’s a piece of content that no one cares about or it’s written so poorly that no one is looking at it or finding it! It checks the, “I did marketing” box but it adds zero value. In fact… it’s a VALUE VAMPIRE sucking money and opportunity away from you. 

Our Approach to SEO for Orthodontists

Our approach is to create valuable content, connected to keywords that your audience is looking for.

Valuable content can be defined as anything that adds real value for your audience.

Did they learn something? Did you help them? Did you solve their problem?

Value is about being there for prospects when they need you. 

Remember: Google’s job is to take users to the most relevant result for any given query. To do this they built a powerful algorithm, with thousands of ranking factors with one single goal in mind… SERVE THE BEST RESULT. From page speed, to meta data…it all matters! SEO for Orthodontists does not need to be overcomplicated. 

This is not rocket science. 

It’s about putting in the work, and following a playbook that works.

We have the play book. Put it to work for you.


Four years in the orthodontic space, with one year focused on orthodontic practices. We specialize in SEO for orthodontists. 

Ten years serving clients from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Our experience with global brands, and continued work in a variety of industries make us different from every other orthodontic marketer. We do lots of things, and therefore we are learning from lots of sources. We work with massive organizations who employee the top digital marketers in the world. These interactions, and the need to really prove results, has made us one of the smartest and grittiest agencies around. We get in the weeds and we come out with results!

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The opportunity in SEO for Orthodontists
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