Social Media Marketing for Orthodontists

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Our approach to social media marketing for orthodontists

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We use data to build targeted, social campaigns to encourage people into your sales funnel. Social media marketing is more traditional in its approach to convince people to buy, rather than targeting people looking to solve a specific problem.

We only recommend social, when you have a specific demand-generation goal. If you don’t have a specific goal, we recommend using both paid, and organic search to target the low-hanging fruit: people looking to solve an orthodontic problem.

Get a free digital marketing assessment, and keyword research for your practice. No strings attached; you keep the analysis.

Our Experience

Over the past four years, we’ve worked extensively in the orthodontic space.

We started doing SEO for Ormco. Soon, we realized that there was an incredible opportunity for orthodontists to win in digital. It was as clear as Invisalign that orthodontic practices were (and are) severely underserved, so we set out to address that problem.

Having worked in social media for almost a decade, our tactics have evolved with the growth of medium. Our goals with any paid campaign are efficiency and strategy. We want to spend the least amount of money per lead, and get true conversions! No bullshit. All we want is real data on what we did to drive revenue. Our experience has taught us how to win the game, or to know when the game is not right for a particular client. We are not interested in sitting around wasting time, money or energy. If something is not working, we find out why, and pivot appropriately.

Brain Bytes Creative Podcast Episode 4:

When to pull the trigger on paid social media marketing for orthodontists.

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