We Build Websites
For Orthodontists

We build functional, easy-to-update, search-friendly websites for orthodontists.
We don’t mean to sound braggy, but our work is easy on the eyes.

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Our Approach to Websites for Orthodontists

Our approach to websites for orthodontists starts with thinking through how search engines will find your website, as well as what information we need to include, so that Google thinks we are a great place to send searchers. This means gathering keyword research, and creating a solid site architecture which will serve as a foundation for your digital journey.

While all that research is happening, there are a lot of moving pieces behind the scenes!

Behind the Scenes: Making Websites for Orthodontists

Our account management team is making sure that our teams are aligned, based on the scope of work sold.
Design team works with clients on their creative preferences, so we can lock in a look and feel.
The content team takes the website architecture, and begins to craft the content wireframes for the page.

Website Design for Orthodontists done right!

The wireframes lay out what needs to be communicated in each section of the page. This ensures that the page is focused on SEO, and leaves the writers with an outline to write from.

We start with the homepage, so that we make sure we are totally in alignment with your expectations for the look of your website. Once your team approves, we move onto the rest of the pages.

When complete, we send to you for review, while the content team works on the meta title and descriptions for each page of the website, as laid out by your SEO strategy. As that is happening, development and creative begin their initial quality assurance, to make sure that the responsive views look great, and links are directing properly. This means that – upon your approval – we will be ready to launch.

You only have one website… shouldn’t it be awesome?

Our Experience

We have been making websites for orthodontists – and other clients – since 2007 when the the company was just one person coding at a kitchen table.

Last year – now with 25+ employees – we leaned into the orthodontist vertical, because of the vast landscape of opportunity to win. As we dug into digital marketing for orthodontists, we discovered that many orthodontists were way under-performing in organic, and paid search results for major keyword groups, like “braces,” and “Invisalign.”

We were infuriated for orthodontists.

We kept on seeing that many orthodontists have been in long-term relationships with vendors who were not really generating results, or with vendors who make bullshit reports about high rankings on keywords that no one was searching for!

This didn’t make sense to us.

How could this be happening to so many orthos? Why has no one gone into this space? The partners at BBC started asking questions of our friends who serve orthodontists, and there were some general stereotypes about orthos being cheap.

We decided to start targeting websites for orthodontists, so we could see where the real issues were.

After one month, the story was clear.

Orthodontists have never been taught how to manage digital marketing strategies.  No one took the time to educate orthos, so they could make smarter decisions.

The money they had been paying monthly was more about checking the “marketing box,” rather than engaging and understanding. As we started to educate orthodontists about modern SEO – and digital marketing in general – they were upset, and inspired to take control of their situation. They were going to stop throwing money into a black hole, stop looking at marketing as an expense and start thinking of it as an investment.

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Websites for Orthodontists
Without the Bullshit

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