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Want to increase your revenue? Improving visibility on search engines, getting targeted ads in front of the right audiences, and creating sublime websites all help boost patient volume and grow your practice.

You need an orthopedic marketing strategy that goes beyond cookie-cutter solutions. Contact us today for your free digital marketing assessment, which includes valuable keyword research. 

Be seen with our orthopedic practice marketing services

We don’t have to tell you that the competition is fierce out there. Because orthopedic medicine is such an essential field, there is no shortage of competitors out there.

No two orthopedic practices are the same. Hitting practice benchmarks means finding the best strategy for you. That’s why we never force you to meet our expectations. Instead, we talk to you about your goals to find the best mix of orthopedic marketing strategies for you.

At the end of the day, we utilize a multi-strategy approach that delivers quick results with a no-bullshit outlook.

Our orthopedic marketing services include:

SEO for Orthopedic Marketing

A responsive SEO campaign promotes your organic visibility. As a result, your practice’s organic ranking drives improve, which leads to more conversions from users in your area. 

Paid Search for Orthopedic Marketing

Capturing a user’s attention early in their search increases the chances of conversion. With paid search efforts, your practice can leap to the top of the Google search page. 


Social Media for Orthopedic Marketing

We specialize in social media for orthopedics on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and more! Meet your patient where they are with social media campaigns that reinforce your status as a leader. 

Design for Orthopedic Marketing

Your website needs to accommodate patients with a user-friendly layout. We create easy-to-use interfaces that work on laptops, tablets, phones, and computers. 

Content Writing for Orthopedic Marketing

Your practice needs to be a thought leader. Our content writers create unique content that reflects your practice’s voice while anticipating user questions. 

The benefits of working with an orthopedic marketing agency

Great partnerships are built on trust. We don’t believe in showing you smoke and mirrors or selling you snake oil. 

We are interested in creating a meaningful relationship that fuels your success. Our commitment to transparency sets us apart from other digital marketing companies.

It’s disheartening to see so many practices not getting enough value out of their digital marketing partners. 

We want to provide value from day one. Here’s how we do it:

Cancel Anytime (Seriously)

We don’t believe in trapping you in contracts. If you’re not getting the value you want, you can cancel your account whenever with no hard feelings. 

Clear Roadmap

We create an easy-to-follow roadmap that explains our strategy and how we intend to meet your goals.

Geographic Exclusivity

We only serve one practice per area. That way, you don’t have to worry about us having any conflicts of interest. 


Non-Brand Conversions

Focusing on high-intent keywords like “orthopedic surgeon near me” takes more time, but it allows us to focus on the people who don’t know your practice and expand your reach. 

Real-Time Reporting

We create a reporting dashboard that lets you monitor our performance in real-time. That way, you’re never in the dark about what’s going on with your marketing initiatives. 


We mean it when we say we’re no bullshit. We believe in total transparency with your reports and analytics. 

Unmatched Expertise

We have years of experience helping orthopedic practices meet their goals while connecting people with their orthopedic practices. 

Customer Service

Our account managers are invested in your success! They are always standing by to help you with any unexpected bumps in the road.

Orthopedic marketing brings a big ROI, and we can prove it!

Our orthopedic marketing strategies get results. See for yourself how we’re changing the game. 

Resurgens Orthopaedics
Resurgens Orthopaedics approached us to create an integrated, multi-channel campaign that would break boundaries and lead to new patient appointments.

Everywhere you look, Brain Bytes is helping orthopedic practices increase revenue.

Russ Sauvé


“I really appreciate the onus BBC takes in optimizing our relationship. I’ve never met an agency that actually wants to know what they’re doing wrong.

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Orthopedic digital marketing is a lot of work. We can help!

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