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Find your focus, identify missed opportunities, and boost your ROI with our in-depth keyword research and analysis.

What is keyword research?

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Keyword research is the foundation of your SEO strategy and an important part of all digital marketing campaigns.

It’s the process of investigating terms that are important to your business through marketing tools to find the search volume, competition value, potential opportunity, and other important insights.

We define search engine optimization (SEO) as the process by which we help businesses gain visibility online and push their content toward the first page of relevant search results.

Performing keyword research gives you valuable information on what terms related to your business people are looking for. It also gives you insight into the competition level for your important keywords and how difficult it will be to improve your rank.

What can you learn from keyword research?

What can you do with your keyword research?

Once you’ve done your research and analyzed your findings, there are plenty of ways to put your keyword research to work:

Optimize existing content

If you didn’t have keywords in mind when writing your content, now’s your chance to go back fix that. Find which pages haven’t been driving traffic, and augment your content to focus on keyword groups to improve performance. Don’t forget about your titles and meta descriptions, too.

Create new content

What high-value keywords did you find that you haven’t been talking about? There’s your next blog idea or an idea for a new page. Building out new content focused on your keywords is key for maximizing your SEO efforts.

You’re never truly done with keyword research.

It isn’t enough to do it and make the site changes. Tracking your progress is the only way to know if your efforts are making a difference.

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