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Why do you need social media?

Social media marketing, for better or worse, is the ultimate equalizer for digital marketing.

No matter the success of other marketing channels, the eyes and ears of your audience are on social media, and they’re out there for anyone to take.

While it may seem difficult to cut through the noise of competitors vying for attention, we think we have it figured out.

More than trend-chasing, the Brain Bytes’ social media team leverages a range of tactics to create likeable, shareable, actionable social strategies for clients.

Our social media capabilities

Results-driven social media is dependent on a wealth of technical factors and strategic thinking, not to mention compelling creative storytelling.

We uncover social and industry-specific trends, analyze your audience’s social behavior, and apply content marketing best practices.

Social media strategy development

Although we like to think of social media as a God-given talent, there is a good deal of planning that goes into a content calendar.

From benchmark competitive analyses to emerging social trends to new insights about your content and website, we collate data from a variety of resources to determine the best engagement plan for social campaigns.

Social content creation & curation

We approach content creation from a mindset of searchability and discoverability (because who doesn’t lose hours on the Instagram Explore tab).

It’s this approach that leads us to focus on results-driven, brand-authentic storytelling.

Ultimately, we want to connect brands to the right audience, which we make possible using blog strategy, content curation, post management, and some mean graphic design chops.

Newsfeed optimization

Short of learning about your target audience’s sleep patterns, we figure out the right time and right platform to broadcast your content across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

By prioritizing maximum visibility, discoverability, and engagement, we can achieve better organic reach for the content that matters.

Social insights & ROI

The social experts at Brain Bytes cull data and dig deep into what’s really driving engagement.

Using a variety of social listening and monitoring tools, we can leverage social conversations in addition to valuable website metrics to craft robust insights reporting.

Let’s find out what really influences social ROI.

Paid social media management

The best media buying tactics aim to be smarter and more efficient with spending. We tackle this in two ways:

  1. We propel our paid social and boosting strategy with organic insights.
  2. We harness the programmatic power of retargeting and remarketing to make a lasting impression.

The Brain Bytes approach to effective social media marketing

Using a combination of robust content marketing and fastidious data analytics (and a really good hashtag game tbh), the Brain Bytes social media team wants to share your brand’s story in compelling, new ways.

We strive beyond vanity metrics to figure out the science of your social media. Here’s our elevator pitch.

We’re data-obsessed.

Likes and comments are good for feeling warm and fuzzy, but what about after your audience reaches your site?

We’re focused on the holistic content experience delivered via social media, meaning not only higher engagement on social platforms, but also stronger impact on your bottom-line website KPIs and metrics.

Learning how users interact with all of your content feeds into Brain Bytes’ smarter social strategies.

We understand brands.

With a wide gamut of digital marketing expertise, the BBC team knows what makes brands and branded content tick.

But this doesn’t mean peddling “best practice” formulas. We strive to understand your brand and its audience with deep-dives into stakeholder, industry, and company research, all to establish the social media presence that’s right for you.

Brain Bytes applies our same rigorous content marketing efforts towards organic-focused, brand-authentic social media content, that resonates with target audiences while solidifying your brand message.

We never deliver fluff.

Breaking through the obvious is our pastime.

As part of our scientific approach to digital marketing, we investigate data, build hypotheses and mine for valuable insights in an iterative way.

In-depth social monitoring and engagement data analysis are packed into robust reporting, enabling your team to clearly see social ROI on a post- and campaign-level perspective.

Our work comes with a personal touch.

Like Chrissy Teigen and her objectively perfect tweets, we recognize the power of timely, thoughtful interactions.

The social team at Brain Bytes works hard to provide that same kind of experience in our partnership with your brand.

You’ve got other jobs to do, bosses to impress — we get it. That’s why responsiveness and conscientiousness are the most valued cornerstones of our creative relationships.

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