Hands tied? Escape from your current website or app developer now!

If you are reading this your website or app project is off-the-rails, or worst, it’s just sitting stagnant. You likely feel frustrated and scared. You don’t have to feel that. Contact us immediately and lets take steps to take make sure the work you have started is safe and in your control. From there we can begin to work on a plan to resurrect the project and get it done! You do not need to feel like a hostage. Take back the control now. The path you are on does not get easier.


If you can relate to one or more of symptoms below that are indicative of a poor website or app developer experiences then it’s time to call us to rescue your project. Yes website and apps have challenges but that does not mean it’s OK to put up with lackluster customer service, project delays, and mediocre code.
You tried to contact your web or software developer by email multiple times and have decided it’s time for a chat, so you do the logical thing and you pick up the phone to give them a ring. The first few times it rings and eventually takes you to voicemail. Then, at call five through ten, you can tell you are being sent immediately to voicemail.

Your developer thinks they are way smarter than you.

During communications your developer often gives dismissive sighs or is extremely condescending to you. They can’t believe that you don’t understand the simplest things even though they have explained it five times. They wish you’d stop being so dumb and go pick up the latest Development for Dummies book.
Deadlines are apparently “suggestions” for when things can be completed. It does not matter that your boss or your business has a very important event or presentation, all that matters is that your developer got to kill a record number of zombies while drinking Monster Energy drinks and staying up till 5AM. Your project can wait…THERE ARE ZOMBIES TO KILL DAMMIT!
During conversations with your web or software developer, you often feel completely lost as they ramble about things you don’t need to know as they duck the main questions.

Your developer won’t give you the code.

You got through your project and have decided to take your site to another host and developer. Even though you paid for the code and technically own it, your developer is trying to slow down the process or not give you what is rightfully yours.
No communications start until 1PM unless you schedule the meeting in advance and often you feel panicked they won’t show so you give them a wake up call.
Your developer layers your project in complexity so they are the only ones who can understand the code or work on it. They also happen to be the only people with the logins, passwords and other vital information that you would need to break free of them. You are stuck. You feel trapped. They like it that way!

Your developer loves to make you their guinea pig.

Your developer tells you about a brand new code base or extension that is supposed to be revolutionary, even though it’s untested. But they guarantee that it will make your product better. They fail to mention it’s only being used by a few developers who are big on Reddit.
Your developer refuses to try and understand your goals and keeps pushing their own agenda. Their agenda is typically based around what tools they want to play with and not what is going to help you be successful. This is the most egregious offense a “bad” developer can make because they are using your money to fund their education and waste your time.