Orthodontists! Learn the Truth About Your Digital Marketing

For years you have been paying for "digital marketing" and chances are you you have no idea what you have been paying for. It's time to change that and take ownership of marketing in three steps.

Step 1: Learn the truth about where your business stands in the eyes of search engines with a free digital marketing assessment.

Step 2: Understand what is driving revenue and what's not and think through how people are searching online for your services.

Step 3: Execute a digital marketing strategy to drive more revenue.

Get started now. Fill out the form and let's work through step 1.

Free Digital Marketing Assessment

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Why Now?

We are in the middle of a global pandemic and chances are you are currently not open or have a reduced number of new starts. This is the perfect time to build your web presence and digital marketing. Think of it as loading your marketing cannon so when life returns to normal you'll be ready to fire!

Now is not the time for sitting. Now is the time for doing.


Digital marketing takes time. Most organic campaigns take 90-120 days to show results.


Good digital marketing means you need to be creating good content. Use this time to generate it.

Don't Worry... Work

It's easy to get caught up in worry. Turn that stress into positivity. Plan for a brighter tomorrow by building it now.

Paid Search
Case Study

Bovenizer & Baker Orthodontics generated 12 non-brand conversions (phone call or schedule consultation web form submission) fill for approximately $279.00. That’s about $23.00 a conversion! 

Learn how we did it! 


How your free assessment works.



Keyword Research

We perform research and tell you where you are ranking in search engines for 200+ keywords.


Onsite Technical SEO

We will test and analyze your websites speed, onsite SEO best practices and site architecture.


Google Analytics

We'll run through your analytics and pull out the most important data to share with you.

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