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Thinking about building or revamping a website? At Brain Bytes we design easy-to-use, professional, and interactive websites engineered to attract new customers.

What’s web
design and why
is it important?

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Web design is both a science and an art. Traditionally, it involves the design process relating to the client-facing portion of a website.

A good web page is like a digital handshake. It gives potential customers an immediate impression of who you are. And it can cause people to learn more about your business or turn to a competitor. Good web design keeps customers on your page.

At Brain Bytes we
go a little further
than that.

Here’s the truth: It’s not hard to make something that looks passable. There are a lot of programs out there that create fine enough websites quickly.

But we’re not just interested in just making something look good. At Brain Bytes our designers are developers, and our developers are designers (try saying that 10 times fast.) That gives us special insight to solve problems. Yes, it looks good. Yes, it leverages best practices. And yes, it also functions.

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We start with
asking why..

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We learn about what you’re building. Our designers work closely with strategists and content creators to ensure that your design supports your messaging and the intended use of the materials.

We deliver solutions to get users to interact with your website.

Are you looking to increase search engine visibility? Check. Are you looking to engage potential customers? No problem. Looking to boost ROI? We got you.

We don’t just value function or a good looking product. We value the thoughtful pairing of function with design.

How can a professional website design
help your business online?

Attract search engines

A sleek design helps you stand out. And easier to read websites — with faster page speeds — rank higher on search engines. Customers are more likely to choose you if you’re visible on the first search page.

Intrigue Customers

Excellent design shows customers they’re dealing with professionals. And when it’s hard to find contact numbers or business addresses, customers start wondering what other things will be hard to get from you. If they aren’t intrigued from the get-go, you won’t get the chance to razzle-dazzle them with your business later.

Avoid technical mishaps

A good design should also function well. We love .gifs as much as the next person, but if they’re causing long load times, then they’re not helping. Broken links bum us out, too. It’s frustrating when a web page has non-functioning links and images. These kinds of errors taint your brand. And that turns away customers.

Our design capabilities

What’s web design without website development?

Great question. A lot of times people use these terms

Here’s the skivvy:

Web design involves the design process relating to the client-facing design of a website. Where as web development involves using coding software to create a website for use on the internet.

These share a lot of overlap. Both deal with website nuts and bolts. But there are some key differences:

Web design involves the aesthetics of a website and it’s usability. Whereas web development makes a functioning webpage out of this idea using programming languages to bring it to life.

I already have a developer. What if I only need a designer?

No problem! We can design a website and pass on the design files to your developer. Or if you already have a designer, we can develop them. We’re flexible like that.

Of course, this isn’t a super common workflow. We suggest doing both with one company since you’re developing and designing at the same time.

The Brain Bytes approach to website design

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We’re not in the business of confusing clients, scaring them, or unnecessarily complicating projects.

Don’t expect us to tech-talk over your head. That’s not how we roll.

We understand how stressful it is to rely on someone to know the tech when you yourself don’t. The process of developing a website is already enough work, so we try to make things as comfortable as possible.

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We’re always available to answer any questions.

And we’ll do it without a condescending tone.

User experience exists in every interaction, including how your team interfaces with your own website designer. We follow a four-step process to ensure a successful relationship with every client. We take it pretty seriously.

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We seek to form creative partnerships with your organization when designing your site.

The best client relationships rely on our ability to be a resource to bounce around ideas,  and help improve them. We create a plan around your specific vision and get to work. 

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After we have a plan in place we start to conceptualize how to develop your website.

We’re not here to be website Xerox machines. We want your website to have a unique brand identity. So we brainstorm and develop strategies based on your needs. 

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During the design process we put serious elbow grease into your website.

We source images, perfect page layouts, and make sure your site uses intuitive design that enhances your customer’s journey. And of course we share our ideas with you, and incorporate your feedback. 

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We worship usability so we make sure your website is running full-speed. Here’s where we put it on the internet and celebrate a job well done. Of course, we’re always available to support a website throughout its lifecycle. 

The experience between client and provider should be just as joyful as user and client.

Therefore our primary goal is always to design a website that is usable and inspired from inside to out. 

We efficiently build websites catered
to your unique needs.

Looking for an example? How about five?

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