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At Brain Bytes we deliver professional web development for your business with robust CMS tools, airtight security protocols, and bookoo essentials. From proposal to launch to maintenance, we do it all.

What is web
and why do I
need it?

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Web development is sometimes called “web programming” (which is different than plain old “programming”). It involves the writing, markup, and coding necessary for creating a website.

Just existing on the web isn’t enough anymore and utilizing a web development company (like ours) is important in building, maintaining, and enhancing your online presence. Since web development involves quite a few specialities, we depend on our interdisciplinary team to generate some pretty knock-out deliverables.  

How can a professional website
development help your business

Attract more business

Since websites are open 24 hours and can be viewed from anywhere in the world (that has Wi-Fi/internet connection), having a professionally developed website can make all the difference between a prospective client and a closed deal. If site users can’t find what they need on your website, they will go elsewhere. After all, they have the whole internet at their disposal.

Improve site security

Professional web development can also help customers feel more at ease shopping or browsing on your site through improved security features. Having a dedicated development service will keep your website protected. A couple examples of ways we help protect your site and the customers using your site are:

SSL encryption

A secure sockets layer (SSL) encrypts communications between the visitor’s browser and the website server. It prevents anyone from intercepting data transmissions to or from your site. SSL is used to protect credit card info, passwords, and any other sensitive information.

Server configuration

Server configuration files allow you to execute server rules — including directives — that bolster your website security. Good server configuration can prevent directory browsing, image hotlinking, and protect sensitive files.

Increase site performance

Additionally, a well developed site can alleviate user anxiety caused by severe latency issues (geek speak for slow page speed). Waiting is a bummer, and a properly coded site — among many other things — decreases the number of trips web crawlers need to make to your server in order to load page assets. This improves crawlability, indexation, and load time. And it supports a more positive user experience, resulting in more conversions and a higher ROI.

Our web-dev capabilities

Depending on the website you need, web development might utilize very different programming languages and methodologies. That flexibility is integral to creating the perfect solution for your specific website needs, which is why our ace developers are fluent in many industry-standard languages and applications:

Magento development

.net development

React development

Octane development

Node.js development

Front-end web development

Connect your brand to the rest of the world (wide web). Using fluid responsive design principles and front-end expertise, Brain Bytes develops website front-ends that improve user experience, boost your site’s performance, and extends the impact of your brand.

Back-end web development

Empower your internal team with a better back-end system. Brain Bytes works with you to create a scalable, editable, secure website that’s easy to manage. Keep your site’s information fresh, carry out processes faster, and manage your data with ease.

Our native tongues

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How do we determine the best web development plan for you?

There’s no limit to what we can engineer for our clients. Need an interactive splash page? You got it. How about embedded fluid grids with flexible images? Puh-lease. You know we can do that, too. 

But not every solution works for every client. 

So how do we know which is the best for each client? How do we work together in a client/partner relationship to determine our best fit? 

We start by determining the client goals or problem they are trying to solve. Are you struggling with sales conversions? Are you trying to get people to call your business, or subscribe to your mailing list?

Then we draft solutions and consider how we can use our tech know-how to apply sensible and effective solutions.

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We don’t just make websites though. We offer Mobile App Development, too.

Developing a mobile app is a way to offer your customers an immersive experience. Apps are faster than web pages, they increase customer loyalty, and can offer you the chance to connect with customers with things like push notifications.

Our team of developers and designers is ready to take your product from concept to launch and everything beyond.

Whether it’s product strategy, technical delivery, or the whole kit-and-kaboodle. Brain Bytes has the goods to help develop and implement a top notch mobile application.

What’s web development without website design?

Web development involves using coding software to make a website for the internet. However web design is a catchall for the design process relating to a client-facing portion of a website. 

You can make something run right. But that’s not always enough. You need to create an enjoyable customer experience

These terms are often confused. But here are some key differences:

Web development makes a functioning user interface with the help of programming languages.

And web design involves the process of creating an aesthetically pleasing interface.

I already have a designer. What if I only need a developer?

No problem! We can develop what your designer brings to the table. Or we can design a website and hot foot it over to your developer. We’re always open to helping our clients.

However, since you’re often developing and designing at the same time, it makes sense (for turnaround time and bottom line) to do both with one company.

When you have one dedicated design and development company then you can guarantee a better experience for everyone involved (including users visiting the final product).

The Brain Bytes approach to website design

We’re not a bunch of assholes.

We’re not in the business of confusing clients, scaring them, or unnecessarily complicating projects.

Working in technology, we understand how stressful it is to rely on someone to know the tech when you yourself don’t. The process of developing a website is already enough work, so we try to make things as comfortable as possible.

Afraid your current developer might be an asshole? Know the warning signs.

We’re your creative sounding board.

We’re not here to be website Xerox machines.

Instead, we seek to form creative partnerships with your organization when developing your site. The best client relationships rely on our ability to be a resource to bounce around ideas — and improve them.

Basically, we tell it like it is. In fact, here are some thoughts from the BBC team on what your bad website says about you.

We worship usability.

User experience exists in every interaction, including how your team interfaces with your own website.

The experience between client and back-end should be just as joyful as user and front-end. Therefore, our primary goal is always to develop a website that is usable and inspired from inside to out.

We efficiently build websites catered
to your unique needs.

Looking for an example? How about five?

Request a consultation.

Want our two cents on your project? Ask and you shall receive.