Back-end web development services

Brain Bytes develops back-end systems for websites that are exceptionally usable, approachable, and work hard to make your team more productive.

What is back-end web development?

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The back-end of a website comes in many metaphors: the spine of your website, the engine under the hood, the behind-the-scenes powerhouse.

You get it. Specifically, the back-end is the catalyzer for all functionality on your site.
It’s what communicates database information to the internet browser, and what organizes the data you see on the front end. While it might not initially seem as flashy or gratifying as a slick front-end, a solid back-end system can completely redefine the way your users and your team interact with your website.
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How can back-end dev help your business?

The back-end isn’t just the foundational core of your website.

It informs the scalability of your entire site, your ability to manage or edit content, and the security of your data.
Without a quality back-end, your website is putty. With one, you can publish the most up-to-date information, carry out business processes faster, and manage users and data effortlessly.

The benefits of working with a high-quality back-end
development company

Our approach to back-end web development

Brain Bytes wants to spread the development love, so to speak.
We believe technology should be approachable and usable by anyone, and there’s no better place to reflect that ideology than to develop best-in-class back-end systems for teams of all sizes and abilities.
Our approach to each back-end project reflects compassion, communication, and an obsessiveness to ensure our websites are usable and approachable, back to front.

We create headache-less back-end systems.

We measure our back-end web dev success by how flawlessly your website functions.
That alone isn’t determined just by the quality of our code; it hinges on how your back-end fulfills your business requirements.
Our back-end systems work to make your team successful in every endeavor, whether it’s easily accessing data or managing content, without breaking the site.

We know our way around back-end web technologies.

Our development team pulls from a vast repertoire of programming languages, technologies, and website expertise to determine the best approach for your website’s back-end.
Using a wide range of resources, such as back-end frameworks and info architecture expertise, allows us to develop website solutions that meet your specific needs and objectives.

We’re not a bunch of assholes.

Our developers are not assholes, plain and simple.
We’re not in the business of confusing clients, scaring them, or unnecessarily complicating projects.
Working in technology, we understand how stressful it is to rely on someone to know the tech when you yourself don’t. The process of developing a website is already enough work, so we try to make things as comfortable as possible.

Our back-end web development stack

Building strong website back-ends

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • .NET

Building Android and iOS apps

  • Java
  • C++

Back-end development frameworks

  • React
  • React Native
  • Express.js
  • Laravel

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