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What is a content management system (CMS)?

Content management systems

Imagine not needing a developer to update your site, add content, or edit pages.

A content management system, or CMS, enables custom content creation or editing without prior programming knowledge.

As a centralized place for content, CMSs bring modern, scalable backend architecture to facilitate content creation, plugin implementation, and maintenance. Whether it’s an open-source CMS platform or entirely custom-built for your workflow, CMSs transform how you use your website.


How can a CMS help your business?

Content management systems empower teams to make impactful changes to their site without needing extra resources.

They improve your content workflow by removing common barriers and delays in the content creation process, ultimately increasing productivity and galvanizing your digital presence.

The benefits of content management systems

Create, edit, and manage web content without coding expertise

Don’t stress about learning to code. Content management systems allow anyone to easily publish or modify website content, using an intuitive, simple backend interface. Because the website’s design code is kept separate from content, like images or text, you can generate content that will appear fully styled on the pages — all without typing a line of code.

Tailor your site with custom functionality

Content management systems open the door to user-friendly plug-ins, features, and marketing tools that can supercharge any element of your site, from advanced SEO tools to ecommerce capabilities. However your site works, content management systems make sure it works for you.

Don’t break the bank over website tweaks

Static websites are costly to maintain. Relying on a developer to make website edits can make maintenance expensive and time-consuming. By implementing a content management system, you circumvent common developer bottlenecks so your changes cost less time and less money.

Collaborate with team members on website edits

There’s no “I” in team. Content management systems open up website access, so your entire team can work on web content together. CMS platforms, such as WordPress, make website administration easy, giving you complete control over access by assigning user roles and permission settings.

Keep your website as up-to-date as your business

Sometimes edits can’t wait. CMSs help keep your website fresh with the most up-to-date information by streamlining the website publishing workflow. Instead of waiting for several days for a developer to push a change live on the site, you or your team can make the changes you need when you need them.

Our approach to CMS development

At Brain Bytes, our approach ensures the backend of a website is as usable and elegant as the frontend.

We recognize that for a website to thrive, it must be usable by its owners. By learning your business and understanding your goals, we develop a site that feels custom fit for your business and your workflow.

Deep, data-driven discovery

Who is the team using the site, what types of web content do you create, how do users engage with that web content, what is the future of your content creation? These salient questions, paired with website data analysis, help us construct the right CMS for you.

Customized CMS that meet your business objectives

Our keen focus on your business goals frames how we approach any CMS, from the platform we implement or build, to the functionality of plug-ins, to all the additional backend features that round everything out.

Unparalleled customer service

We understand how important autonomy is when you have crucial information to communicate. So it’s our mission to develop CMSs that are eminently usable and frustration-free, that allow you to produce website content without needing to rely on others.

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