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What is front-end web development?

Front-end web development

The front-end of a website is that glossy coat of paint over all the code underneath.

That is to say, it’s anything a person can see and interact with when they visit a website. It’s the external interface.

Front-end development informs the process by which a site’s design and its user-driven functionality come together into a finished product. This is made possible with a number of coding languages and technologies — the three primary building blocks being: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

front-end web development

How can front-end dev help your business?

You already know websites are so much more than internet billboards or online brochures.

A web presence with a good front-end experience is indispensable for most businesses.

Attracting new customers, making data and information accessible, and streamlining internal business processes would be a hassle without a killer front-end interface. High-quality front-end development ensures your website’s interface does its part to help meet those goals.

The benefits of working with a front-end development company

Improve user experience with fluid responsive web design.

Make your website accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Front-end development helps your website appear pixel-perfect across a gamut of screen sizes and internet browsers, so visitors can experience your website the same way no matter how they reach it. This is what we call fluid responsive web design. Moreover, Google and other major search engines promote websites that have this kind of flexibility. Win, win.

Ensure your website functions perfectly.

Okay, but does it actually work the way it should?

The answer is largely determined by the quality of your website’s front-end development. More than just the literal coding of a website, front-end development encapsulates all the strenuous performance tests and quality assurance that guarantee a perfectly functioning website.

Boost your website’s performance and speed.

Slow sites finish last.

In fact, 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load, according to a KISSmetrics study. Quality front-end development is the decisive tipping point here, as the fidelity of your website’s front-end code plays a big part in how fast your website loads. If you want to keep the attention of people (and search engines), a faster front-end is crucial.

Extend the reach and impact of your brand.

Your website is a window into your brand. With an excellent website experience, you have complete control over your brand’s appearance and messaging.

On massive scales and in tiny interactions, a well-crafted front-end website experience reinforces a brand and helps empower other marketing efforts.

Our approach to front-end web development

Most websites can be broken down into the same constituent parts and pieces — but that doesn’t mean you deserve some boilerplate site.

We’re not about that. Instead, Brain Bytes prioritizes a true understanding of your business goals so we deliver a website that meaningfully impacts your bottom line. With care, communication, and deep front-end expertise, we don’t just make excellent finished products, we make the journey to get there just as satisfying.

Your goals are our goals.

We measure our front-end web dev success by how effectively your website meets your expectations.

That success is incumbent on thoughtfully identifying your primary website objectives at the very beginning of the project, and ensuring we stay aligned with those objectives throughout each step of the development process.

By focusing a strategic lens on your website’s front-end, Brain Bytes delivers a customized website that perfectly fits your specific needs.

We know our way around front-end web technologies.

Our development team pulls from a vast repertoire of programming languages, technologies, and website expertise to determine the best approach for your website’s front-end.

Using a wide range of resources, such as CSS frameworks and JavaScript libraries, we develop custom website solutions that meet your specific needs and objectives.

We’re not a bunch of assholes.

Our developers are not assholes, plain and simple.

We’re not in the business of confusing clients, scaring them, or unnecessarily complicating projects.

Working in technology, we understand how stressful it is to rely on someone to know the tech when you yourself don’t. The process of developing a website is already enough work, so we try to make things as comfortable as possible.

Our front-end web development stack

HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery

Bootstrap 4 and responsive design frameworks

Angular, Vue, Node, and React

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