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Warford Orthodontics

Welcome to the inauguaral edition of The Get It Straight Podcast! Hosted by Jason Sirotin and Judd Johns, the show centers on the latest in the world of orthodontics. Today, we’re joined by Dr. John Warford of Warford Orthodontics in Bismarck, ND.

The GIS Podcast seeks to have leading subject matter experts and fixtures within the field engage in meaningful discussions. From experiences, to expertise, and more, so much valuable information is freely shared. Listen above as Dr. Warford talks about what led him to the field, and what he’s learned after treated over 10,000 patients in the past two decades.

Finding Your Way As An Orthodontist

The origins of Dr. Warford’s love for orthodontistry begin with his father. Also an esteemed, Dr. Warford’s father was the spark that pushed him into the arena. The lucrative, self starting opportunity that it would prove to be was also a great selling point.

This wouldn’t be a simple task though. As Dr. Warford notes in the clip, there’s about a single percent of chance that ortho hopefuls will actually go to residency. Part of this competition comes from how tedious and technically demanding of a profession that it is.

GIS Will Return

Watch the interview above for more on Dr. Warford’s journey, and what led him to start Warford Orthodontics. For those with orthodontic needs in the Bismarck area, be sure to reach out to Dr. Warford and his expert team. They employ a a novel approach to the space via their partnership with On Demand Orthodontist.

Thank you for checking out this episode of The Get It Straight Podcast. We will be regularly uploading our talks with the industry’s best and brightest, so definitely check back in for more great information. We can’t wait to reveal our next awesome guest!

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