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Featuring The On Demand Orthodontist

Welcome back to the Get It Straight Podcast! Today, we’ll be meeting with the founders of one of the most revolutionary add ons to the orthodontic space to date. The On Demand Orthodontist allows practitioners to conduct the majority of their work remotely.

Piloting this novel concept are Dr. John Warford, and Judd Johns. Check out the clip above to hear about their experiences, as well as how their solutions are giving providers a much needed reprieve in their daily routine. You can also listen to the clip via our SoundCloud, linked below.

How ODO Was Born

The idea of Demand Orthodontist began with Dr. Warford’s introduction to aligner therapy. One of the most glaring issues that comes with the exclusivity of orthodontics is distance. Many patients are forced to drive inconvenient distances for regular check ups. But as Dr. Warford’s success with aligner therapy took off (over 90% of his patients are now on this path), so did his interest in virtual orthodontics.

The pair proved to be a perfect match, as it provided value and alleviation to both the doctor and the patients. He was even able to work up collaborations with a long time partner that had previously moved far across the state. Fast forward, and now he and Judd Johns have come together to truly maximize the effort.

Why GIS Exists

The Get It Straight Podcast is committed to providing valuable information to those interested in the orthodontic space. Innovations like The On Demand Orthodontist are prime examples of the opportunities the field presents its participants.

To learn more, be sure to check out ODO’s website. “It’s disruptive, but it’s a win, win, win for everyone,” proclaims Dr. Warford. It’s a peak into what will likely be the future of orthodontics.

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