The Get It Straight Podcast

AAO ’23 Greyfinch

In the latest installment of the "Get it Straight Podcast", we are joined by Jake Gulick, the innovative President and CEO of Greyfinch.

Jake provides valuable insights into the genesis and mission of Greyfinch, a company born out of a desire to fill noticeable gaps in the existing patient services within the dental industry. 

Greyfinch began its journey as a service company, providing back-office support to a variety of clinics from dental to pediatric. However, as Jake and his team worked with these clinics, they identified a crucial shortcoming: a lack of efficient, patient-friendly software solutions. For instance, there were few options that could automate tasks or make it easy for patients to update crucial information, such as their auto-draft details.

In response to these industry-wide challenges, Greyfinch began developing solutions. These included widgets for websites that enabled patients to schedule appointments anytime, anywhere, and customizable medical forms that could be easily completed on mobile devices.
The team at Greyfinch understood the necessity of a more comprehensive approach, and it became clear that what they really needed to create was a full practice management software.
Seizing the opportunity, Jake led the transformation of Greyfinch into what it is today: a cutting-edge provider of comprehensive, user-friendly software solutions for practice management.

Join us in this enlightening episode to discover how Greyfinch is redefining patient services and helping to modernize dental practices. Listen in to learn from Jake Gulick’s unique journey and the inspiring evolution of Greyfinch.