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AAO 2023 Special with Braces for All Ages

A Meeting of Minds at AAO 2023

At the 2023 AAO Orthos Conference, the Get It Straight podcast had the pleasure of hosting special guests, Dr. Brenda Stenftenagel and Dr. Murphy from Braces for All Ages. This episode was a unique opportunity to delve into the world of orthodontics for all age groups, a specialty of the practice.

About Braces for All Ages

Braces for All Ages, based in Hebron and Portage, operates on the belief that there’s no age limit to having a great smile. Led by Dr. Brenda Stenftenagel, the practice is committed to creating healthy smiles that boost confidence and make lasting impressions.

The Podcast Discussion

In the podcast, Dr. Brenda and Dr. Murphy shares insights into the practice’s approach to orthodontics. They emphasized the importance of a healthy smile and how it can open doors, boost confidence, and create lasting impressions. The discussion also touched on the practice’s commitment to serving patients of all ages, from children to adults, highlighting that it’s never too late to improve one’s smile.

Key Takeaways

Listeners of the podcast had the chance to learn about the various treatment options available at Braces for All Ages. They also shared some of the common signs that might indicate a need for orthodontic treatment, regardless of the patient’s age.

A Call to Action

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