Mobile app development

Creating an app or refreshing a legacy product? Our team of mobile
app developers, designers and marketers will get your mobile
application built and in the hands of people that need it.

So you’ve got a killer app idea.

It’ll engage and exhilarate users, or maybe even change the world.
…If it actually makes it into the hands of users.
Here at Brain Bytes, we deal in getting transformative ideas off the ground. Our expert team of full-stack thinkers, designers, and developers are ready to take your product from concept to launch to everything beyond. Whether it’s product strategy, technical delivery, or the whole gamut:
We’re here to take the mental load off of managing your app’s lifecycle, on time and on budget.
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Our process for mobile application

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Mobile app strategy and concepting

Our team has worked closely consulting startups as they take their products to market. So we’re no novices when it comes to defining pain points, outlining key business metrics, analyzing competitive landscapes, writing feature sets and requirements, and good ol’ fashioned product road mapping.

Mobile app design and branding

Once we have the important foundational components down, it’s time to talk first impressions. Starting with the logo all the way to the interface and user experience, we dream the designs and engineer the intelligent interactions that guide your users through the ultimate experience.

Mobile app clickable prototypes

We carry through our findings to clickable, workable wireframes that test your app’s functionality and its ability to sufficiently solve the user wants and needs identified during research. These clickable prototypes help your team ensure that the end product will work exactly how intended.

Native, hybrid, and mobile app development

We build native or cross-platform apps that adapt to Apple’s frameworks and Google’s Material Design. Front-end and back-end methodologies tie in seamlessly with APIs.

Mobile app store marketing

Salud! Your app’s finally done. Based on your business goals and user research, we identify opportunities to best position your product to excel in its respective market spaces, whether that’s the App Store, Google Play, or beyond.

Maintenance and support

Brain Bytes also offers maintenance and support packages to ensure your app is running healthy and adhering to platform updates. We can also include diagnostics that finds potential problems from their outset.

Our mobile app development services

Native Android app
development & design

We can build you an Android app that adheres to Google’s Material Design principles. Want to get your iOS app on Android? We do that too.

React app development & design

Utilizing mobile app expertise and Apple framework, we bring to life your app with robust functionality, standards compliance, and lean-as-hell code.

Xamarin app development

With Xamarin, we build apps that share a common code across multiple platforms so you never have to deal with managing disparate application files for iOS and Android.

Cross-platform mobile app development

Need a hybrid app that works seamlessly across Android and iOS? We’ve got you covered.

Mobile web app development

We harness the flexibility and simplicity of Python and its frameworks to create highly customizable, lean web apps for a diverse range of business needs.

Enterprise app development

For enterprises, we build unbreakable apps that can scale rapidly and pivot on a dime to fit changing business requirements.

Ecommerce app development

Whether you’re a mom-n-pop retailer or SKU-slinging enterprise, our ecommerce apps are friendly to consumers and managing teams alike.

The Brain Bytes approach to mobile app development

We’re transparently agile.

Agile methodologies, while they sound sexy, ultimately don’t mean much to stakeholders unless they can see each iteration and provide consistent feedback throughout a project.

Regular feedback fuels the brightest ideas, so we make sure our app development incorporates demonstrable progress on our sprints as much as possible.

We provide a sense of security.

With the amount of data flowing in and out of a product, it is mission critical for your data is safely stored yet easily accessible.
Using security best practices, Brain Bytes maintains your app’s data security, while keeping data readily available when you need it. It’s the “look under the hood” with the car parked safely in the garage.

We offer easy-to-use integrations.

Your users don’t live in a vacuum and neither does your product.
We are well-versed with back-end integrations from major players like Amazon, Google, and Salesforce. We also know that with legacy systems, replacement is not always an option. Therefore, we strive to make sure your app functions as seamlessly as possible with your existing back-end systems.

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