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Dental MoveMints w/ Dr. Dave Pechersky 

We had the honor of sitting down with the founder and creator of Dental Movemints, Dr. Dave Pechersky. 

After growing up around dentists and dental assistants, Dr. Dave found himself at Dental school, following in his family’s footsteps. In 2011, he was brought into a practice and after a couple of years, eventually became senior partner. In the most recent years, Pechersky Orthodontics has grown from around 300 patients to 500 patients. Dr. Dave has noticed a shift since the pandemic of adults beginning to get their teeth straightened. Through the use of masks during the pandemic, a lot of adults felt like they were able to confidently adjust their teeth, without disrupting their daily lives.

After having aligners himself, he found that the chewable devices that are meant to stimulate the jaw with the trays in caused him to gag and leave his mouth with an unpleasant aligners smell.

Dr. Dave decided that with his experience in the dental industry he would come up with a solution. He reached out to one of his friends and they started the beloved Dental Movemints. Each mint is carved to fit in between the teeth comfortably. With just 5 simple ingredients, the flavor of each mint lasts longer, leaving no residue of smell after they dissolve. As Dr. Dave likes to put it Dental Movemints are the Mints that fit. Each mint contains a therapeutic amount of Xylitol to avoid any dry mouth side effects.  Listed at an extremely affordable price, retailers and consumers are able to purchase Dental Movemints and begin improving their habits almost immediately. Dr. Dave recommends the implementation of Dental Movemints early on in anyone’s aligners process; as “compliance can’t be expected, it has to be taught.”

If you are in the Pittsburgh area, make sure you stop by Pechersky Orthodontics to see Dr. Dave’s bright and straight smile.

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